Therapy for Workplace Stress

Making it up the ladder of success

Being a professional trying to make it in this world is not easy. Expectations are high; workplace demands are never-ending. Deadlines. Deadlines. Deadlines.

The current work environment demands that you be on overdrive 24/7. No wonder you can’t find the ‘calm’ in your life!

Stress seems in control

Your heart beats endlessly, as you feel stressed about EVERYTHING. Ever since you were younger, your anxiety has controlled you… But now it seems to be getting worse!

NOTHING is off-limits, as your body trembles with fear. But you ask yourself, why is it so scary when I’m not actually in danger?

Being around other people makes you afraid – and that is really affecting your work performance.

You’re wondering what to do…

It’s time to get off the hamster wheel

Your friends probably tell you this is just a part of life. What if I told you that a better quality of life is possible?

You may be questioning why this is so difficult when you’ve simply been trying to follow the philosophy of working hard to reap rewards.

You see others who work hard, and they seem to manage it well. Perhaps you look up to a popular figure in the media who seems to have success due to his “hard work ethic.”

Let’s help you be successful – and calm

There are ways to succeed without burning yourself out. You can be successful without being wired and anxious all the time.

No longer do you have to be so worried about suffering with anxiety. There are methods to help you be both successful and have a calm outlook on life.

There are people who are successful but aren’t burning the stick at both ends.

Therapy for the Modern Age…

…designed for professionals – and anyone – who wants to continue their career and be less stressed out.

I’m here to help you become unstuck and gain a deeper understanding of why all this is happening. I have worked with people in the queer community and people who are cis heterosexual and all have common complaints. Of course, being LGBTQ+ comes with minority stress, as does being a part of any minority group if you are cis and heterosexual. These are important conversations to have in therapy, and I welcome them all.

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