Why Therapy?

I wondered that same question.

Why would therapy help? No one knows you better than yourself.

But a therapist can help you discover what might be hidden. Perhaps you have a dream that seems so distant. Maybe there’s a hope you have buried deeply. You owe it to yourself to explore unchartered territory, so you can live the best life you can.

When reality does not match your dream…

Fred* had put his passion of acting aside for a career in the financial world. He did this to please his parents, as this job would show he was being responsible. But Fred wasn’t happy.

So, Fred came to therapy, and this acting passion came out. Fred felt scared, but then found he was motivated to take small steps. These small steps led him onto many stages as he gave up his “secure” accounting job for acting.

Debra* had given up her dream of having a career due to her husband wanting her to stay home. Debra’s kids were all grown up, and her husband was at home, but still she couldn’t imagine herself doing something different.

With emptiness inside, Debra made the choice to come to therapy. She realized she needed something else to fill her days. So, she rediscovered her lost passion of anthropology and began forming her family tree.

Debra enjoys her days in libraries around the world as she finds information on her ancestry buried in documents not made electronic. Debra’s life had purpose once again!

Therapy Could Go Like This:

By examining issues and exploring them, connections that perhaps you never considered suddenly sync together.

Your compassion grows for yourself, and energy returns. Your mind continues to connect dots that may have seemed so distant but are in fact within reach.

The therapeutic experience is tailored for you, so you can share your real feelings without shame. You’re able to feel what comes up as all of it contains useful information.

Life becomes more fluid in its movement; the rigidity of thought has dissolved. You make the decisions, and your life is yours once again.

Step out now… let’s start YOUR journey.

Individuals are unique. Relationships are unique. You deserve to know what you want. Call to find out… (323) 819-0747

*Composite of many clients.