I have great news!  Today I had a hearing test that showed I retained the low frequency residual (existing) hearing that I wanted to retain, after the cochlear hybrid surgery.  This tests what the level is right now, not what it may always be.  There is a risk of losing it that remains even after surgery.  But I’m thrilled that today I have low frequency residual hearing and thus will be able to benefit from the enhanced combination cochlear and amplification technology provides for people like me who have high frequency hearing loss, but great low frequency hearing.

Before the hybrid device came along, retaining low frequency residual (existing) hearing was not the focus as the conventional surgery was designed to cover the entire frequency range.  The new surgery offers the possibility of keeping low frequency hearing providing the possibility for people like me to keep my hearing while enhancing the higher frequencies with the implant.

All I can do is take it one day at a time.  If I do lose residual hearing later, the implant can also accommodate me by providing a full range with the implant exclusively.  If that happens, the results still would grant hope for a great experience.

The next step of this journey continues tomorrow as I get the implant activated!