Thanks everyone for the support!  I really have been embracing the positive energy as the last few days have been a fluctuation of overwhelm and going with the journey.  I often am tired as getting used to these sensations and recovering from surgery are still very much occurring.  The worry that accompanies the unknown has seized me and left me worried and bed-bound at times.  But overwhelmingly, I’ve been able to take it all and continue on.

It can be hard to tolerate sensations that feel like jabs of nerves, especially when it occurs all at once as in noisy environments.

But I keep reminding myself that my brain is learning and this is par for the course.  I cannot know or control what will happen.

I am so happy that I chose this.  I wouldn’t do it any other way.  I am thrilled I got this surgery and am getting to go on this process.

Thanks again for the support.  It has been most helpful in difficult times!  I still constantly feel blessed and I will move forth. :-)

Tomorrow is my first formal AVT (auditory verbal therapy) appointment where I will receive training.  But I’m not sure what the training will be like so early in the process as what I am experiencing is so much sensation.  On Wednesday, I have my second programming appointment and I’m looking forward to that appointment… well, just as long as I’m not asked “what” things I’m experiencing are!  That’s very difficult at this point!  Even determining if something is becoming more of a sound is difficult at this point.  But thankfully my audiologist has bilateral CIs and was very optimistic and understanding last week when I had my initial activation.