So many of us struggle with different forms of anxiety. We might worry about our relationship or our future. We might have trouble in social situations. We might have a severe fear of bugs or heights. Anxiety manifests itself in many different ways, many different days.

Those of us in the LGTBQ+ community know how much anxiety is often a force in our lives. But what you may not know is that anxiety’s cause isn’t always clear, and sometimes, the cause may be something you did not expect.

Anxieties Causes – Genetics, Traumas, and Posture?

One of the best examples, and one that I personally love, comes from Flourish Psychology in Brooklyn, a private practice in NYC with therapists that specializes in anxiety and eating disorders. They wrote about how anxiety, quite literally, can be caused by underdeveloped butt muscles.

Yes, it’s true. It may not be common, and anxiety is often far more complex than just “back and butt muscles,” but it is absolutely true that something as simple as our breathing habits – habits that can be caused by poorly developed posterior muscles – can be enough to trigger anxiety and panic attacks.

During our sessions, we’re going to find ourselves frequently exploring some of the past. We’re going to try to see if there are any traumas that may have contributed to your anxiety, or any behaviors that may play a role. We’re going to try to explore very deep topics that we hope will help us find out more about what may have led to some of your anxiety and mental health challenges.

We may find many reasons that make perfect sense why you have anxiety. But we also may find nothing. And that’s okay. It doesn’t matter if your anxiety is caused by past trauma, or by bullying, or by feeling uncomfortable in your own skin. It also doesn’t matter if your anxiety is caused by genetics, nor does it matter if your anxiety is caused by not doing enough squats.

What matters is that anxiety is treatable, and while we may explore the “inner you,” we will also know that there are therapies, like CBT, that can be used to ensure that you’re able to better address anxiety no matter its cause.

Your Anxiety Therapist in Los Angeles – Patrick Tully LMFT

My name is Patrick Tully, and I would like to help you with your anxiety. As a therapist, I know that anxiety is treatable. It doesn’t matter if it’s your back muscles, your upbringing, or something else – together, we can help treat anxiety and help you find some relief from your symptoms. Contact me today to learn more.