Today I met with my favorite voice coach of all time, Patrick Muñoz, who works with everyone from performers, business people, and people who just wish to speak better.  His website is:

I want to say thank you to Patrick Muñoz for being a supportive person in my life who follows his passions.  He has truly been inspirational and is a great person to know.

I have experienced emotions as I have gone through this journey of preparing for surgery and today elicited emotion as well.  I am again very happy he is a part of my life.

We spent the day talking about the device and the journey and the many unknowns (eg. how much benefit one gets from a device such as this is not set in stone).

I wanted to test my pitches using the piano (matching pitch to scale) and see if perhaps after surgery things would change.  As expected, my low pitches are very good while my high frequencies are quite hard to reach accurately.

I should say here that the cochlear implant device is not designed to restore hearing in such a way that music is greatly enhanced… rather speech understanding is the goal.  It’s a mechanical device that can’t replicate what the natural ear can.  But I’m thrilled to be on this journey with Patrick because one never knows what might happen and what the benefits will be afterwards.

So, today included an informal test. 😉