I continue to work on auditory training and get reprogrammed.  I feel optimistic about the process.  Patience is definitely key for something like this!  It’s interesting how marketing makes something like this seem instantaneous in results.  Well, I was informed from the beginning that there’s a lot of work involved and indeed there is.  But it is well worth the effort!!!

I’m glad I took time off to do this as I keep reading about people who aren’t able to have time off or don’t consider it (or rather can’t consider it) and they struggle with the adaptation.  To me this is completely understandable, because the training involved with this device takes up the entire day!  One needs to rest A LOT during the process and thus there needs to be ample time for rest to occur.

I feel blessed to have time to work with the device and really do all I can to allow it to work for me.