The “s” sound is one of those sounds that is very high frequency without much in the way of low frequencies.  Many sounds are spread throughout the frequency range with components in many frequencies.  Thus, the “s” sound is difficult to hear for someone like me who has high frequency hearing loss.

Today, as I went through an auditory retraining exercise on my iPad, with just my right ear listening, thus not getting any feedback from my better left ear, I successfully remembered how the “s” sound has been sounding to me recently – a completely new tone that is stimulated electrically – and thus was able to select the correct word from the list of words given in the test list.

This was absolutely thrilling to me and now I realize I must be gaining auditory memory for that new sound even though it still sounds weird.  It sounds different than other new sounds that also sound weird too!  Thus, I had the ability to distinguish it!

Hooray to my brain!  I’ve been dedicating hours a day to auditory retraining and being patient with the progress.