Last week, there was a guy in the doctor’s office who two weeks ago had been jogging and suddenly he was wheelchair-bound and couldn’t respond to people in certain ways – he wasn’t able to shake the hand of the doctor. This reminds me how anything can happen and it’s important to enjoy today and accept things as they are and realize the future is uncertain.  The doctors had no clue as to his condition.  How terrible would it be to have that happen :-(.

If we could become more accepting of people despite perceived limitations, we could be happier with ourselves. It’s extremely difficult to accept ourselves as we are, but when we do, I believe we become more accepting of others as well.  I say “perceived limitations” for a reason, because they don’t have to be labeled as such, but rather just accepted.  There is no perfect human being and that is OK.  Striving for perfection is not realistic.  However, enjoying the uniqueness of each individual is.  We are all individuals, capable of being independent of the labels subscribed to us by society.  I have a partial hearing loss and am hoping for improvement with this new device developed for my type of hearing loss.  Whatever the outcome, it will be acceptable.  I am Patrick Davey Tully and no one can take that away from me.  I welcome supportive and relational people who share their own visions.  Those who only wish to interact with a mannequin won’t find it in me.  I can’t be anything but authentic in my expression.  I cannot be censored for being myself.