Today I had a three month post-activation follow up and since last month, my understanding of sentences has nearly doubled!  I was absolutely shocked and my audiologist was thrilled.

There are many tests conducted during a session that include sentences, words in isolation, etc.  I wanted to keep this post simple and say that I’ve improved so much since last month and getting objective results is so valuable because at times during this journey it’s hard to gauge exactly how well things are going.

But needless to say this is thrilling information!  Other scores also continued a tremendous increase and I look forward to future improvements.  My next test will be next month!

Whoo hoo!  This surgery was definitely worth it.  I have been told that the one-year mark will show just how great this technology is, as the brain will have had ample time to adjust.  It then continues it’s adjustments and improvements continue!

Also, even with the Hybrid, the residual hearing (existing hearing) levels are very much subject to change.  I’ve had mild changes that have not negatively affected my progress and have been viewed as normal.  Some people lose no residual hearing, while others lose some, and some lose all.  But regardless of what happens, there will be improved understanding over my preoperative condition.  Also, I implanted my worse ear and thus my better ear (better before the implant!) is safe from anything that might happen in regards to natural, existing hearing.

This has been quite the journey, but as I said earlier, completely worth it all!