Practicing self-care in the way that works for you is essential, especially in challenging times such as now. Self-care can refer to simply being more aware in the present moment, and practicing things in a more mindful way. But it can be useful to include specific products and regimens in your self-care toolbox.

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For years, Belleruth Naparstek, the founder of Health Journeys, has been a favorite of mine for guided imagery (guides you in visualizations). A great set can be found here:

Having something on hand when you need it is important. So, while I am a fan of some subscription services, I like the knowledge that my favorite guided imagery will be available when I need it.

I think pre-printed mindfulness cards can be a fun way to remind yourself to practice this skill. Having resources such as the following cards is one way to really become more empowered:

So, I just mentioned a couple of items. There are of course plenty more and do let me know if you’re interested in more ideas! Sometimes the simpler the better.

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