Reduce Stigma with Using Injectables and Botox in the Gay and LGBTQ+ Community

The stigma of using injectables such as Botox and other injectables is decreasing as more and more people embrace the wonderful ways these can help anyone feel better about themselves. It is less about changing ourselves but about being able to embrace our true selves, and easily feel like our authentic selves. That may seem paradoxical, but many times our inner appearance, regardless of age does not match our outward appearance. Even when the procedures just do a tiny bit to perhaps enhance outward appearance and do not necessarily match inward with outward, the boost these procedures can bring can be very special!

The Benefits of How One Feels is Ageless

Young adults can benefit from feeling this boost, and it has nothing to do with feeling younger. When I received procedures, I enjoyed how less tired I looked. Whether it’s through surgery, filler, Botox, or non-plastic surgery means, we deserve to feel good about ourselves.

I am writing this blog because I feel there needs to be less stigma. I also wanted to share about a place that was very inclusive in terms of using an intake system that was inclusive regarding pronouns and gender, like my intake system.

The benefits of Botox have been considerable and so many people have taken advantage of it, including myself. It’s wonderful that this procedure is one of the many procedures now available, and through the True Jewel Cosmetic Center – Med Spa and Cosmetic Surgery Center – in Culver City with Dr. Amirali ShakouriPartovi. This is a center that people can feel confident about. The company is run by a very reputable cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Partovi, who is extremely friendly and staff who also care about the patients. The place itself is beautiful.

The patients have left glowing reviews on both Google and Yelp (hundreds of reviews), and as a psychotherapist, I feel that if something will make someone feel better why not do it. Gone are the days of shame for doing something. But still, we can hear people tell us we should be careful about doing things that have risks, but everything has a risk. When I went to this place, I was informed of the risks just as if I went to any other office for any other procedure. I was left feeling comfortable, and I know that anyone would feel comfortable going here.

The purpose of this blog entry is to let anyone know that shame should not be a reason to celebrate you, and to be yourself even if you want to feel better about yourself in any physical way. I am all about body positivity. And that embraces using techniques if we wish to use them to enhance any part of ourselves!

I was not compensated for this blog post, nor would I write a blog post for compensation. I just love doing things that make me feel good for self-care. This includes cosmetic procedures, and the center I mentioned has many of them, and is well-respected.

No one deserves to feel ashamed or embarrassed about any part of themselves as they are. I highlight this center for anyone who wishes, only for themselves, to perhaps make a change if they so wish.

Trans Inclusive Med Spa and Surgery Center

One of the first aspects I noticed was the True Jewel Cosmetic Center was very inclusive of the trans community. The center has procedures that is trans inclusive and does not assume gender identity or pronouns. the trans community, and their check-in process is friendly and trans inclusive. I respected them for this much needed feature, as even many primary care doctors’ offices do not respect gender identity and pronouns, unfortunately.

The Queer Community Can Reclaim What They Want to Do

This was an exciting blog to write, as while it was written with the queer community in mind, and included a bit about my experience, it applies to anyone who might be interested in procedures. Of course, people should consult with a doctor if they are interested in any procedure and examine the risks and benefits. The center has an excellent process as well where they will answer questions about any part of the process and the risks and benefits.