As a cis gay white male, I have many privileges. I want ensure that every potential client knows that the therapy space I offer is safe and affirming for women and every LGBTQIA+ person who can get pregnant. I believe every person has a right to choices regarding their own body, not only heterosexual men.

As someone who is LGBTQIA+ Affirmative, I am also a feminist, and am pro-choice and believe in Roe v. Wade and believe in pro-choice for women and anyone who can get pregnant. It’s important to bring this up in my practice, as a therapist’s job is to support clients and acknowledge the current climate as well. I am pro-choice. I believe in Roe v. Wade and I believe that abortions are up to a woman and anyone who can get pregnant.

For many years, this type of decision has been a worry for people who could become pregnant, as heterosexual men seem to make decisions that don’t impact them in government.

Now that the Supreme Court draft decision has been released, the worry is understandably more heightened than ever and the therapy space is a safe one for anyone to process their emotions and fears and whatever they need to in light of this.

I know that should that the leaked Supreme Court decision become law, then the states where anti-abortion laws are triggered or are formed will be even more unsafe, and other rights such as contraceptives (IUDs) could very well come under attack.

I support you in this uncomfortable time.

Patrick Tully