Therapy for Those with Hearing Loss and Family Members

As a hard-of-hearing therapist (Don’t worry, I’ll hear everything you say!), I offer therapy for hard-of-hearing individuals as well as parents and family members who are struggling with tough decisions. Are you being told what to do and not sure what action to take? Schedule a free consultation to learn more!

Virtual / Video Therapy

Do you have times when you wish you could talk to your therapist virtually? I offer encrypted video therapy for you! You can feel free to use video therapy for all of your sessions, some, or none!

Therapy is conducted in confidential settings, just like in the office!

LGBT Couples and Relationship Counseling

Feeling stressed in your relationship?  Do you want a non-judgmental ear that will help you both through tough times?  Are you tired of others telling you what to do?  In this video I briefly review my LGBT Relationships / Couples specialty.

LGBT Therapy and Counseling

You deserve to have freedom from feeling anxious, sad, and tired. In this video, I briefly talk about my LGBT Therapy specialty.