Gay Anxiety Therapy in LA and Culver City

Relief from Anxiety and Support from an Experienced Gay Therapist at Patrick Tully Therapy

A licensed therapist in Los Angeles, Culver City, and other parts of California, and Texas, and Florida!

Anxiety is Rampant in the LGBTQ Community and you are not alone. It can arise from many factors and be painful to deal with.
So many people deal with anxiety, stress, and overwhelm that can be managed and deserve compassion. You will get that with Patrick Tully.
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Whether you are in LA, Culver City, in other parts of California, or even in Texas, or Florida, you will be able to see Patrick Tully.

Be sure to visit Patrick, a Los Angeles, Culver City, Pasadena therapist, and California therapist, and a therapist for people in Texas and Florida Anxiety therapy page to be informed on how overwhelming anxiety can be.

This post delves deeply into how hard anxiety hits those of us who have it and also how the LGBTQ+ community is hit harder.

Whether in the LGBTQ community or not, you can have anxiety. But those in the LGBTQIA+ community are so much more likely to be adversely affected by mental health struggles, and being a gay cis man, Patrick Tully understands and has been trained in evidence-based modalities that will help you feel better, and he will listen to you. Patrick’s methods are not checkbox-based or impersonal. They are highly personalized and tailored for your needs.

LGBTQ Affirmative Therapy is naturally combined into every therapy technique when working with people within the LGBTQIA+ community. Patrick believes and research continues to show you cannot separate affirmative therapy from therapy treatment as lived experience must be validated.

Anxiety manifests in many ways. It can be generalized, in that many situations can trigger anxiety. It can be a phobia of a specific event or feared object. Social anxiety is a specific form of anxiety that makes it hard for people to socialize. If someone has social anxiety but no other form of anxiety, that means that anxiety would not deeply impact other parts of the person’s life.

Separation Anxiety is another form of anxiety where someone has a fear of leaving someone specific. They may fear something bad will happen if they do not.

Anxiety can be managed, no matter what the form. It feels like it cannot be, because of the fight-or-flight reaction of the nervous system wanting to escape the situation. Patrick Tully, a Los Angeles therapist, can help those with anxiety alleviate their suffering.

Anxiety is a real issue that deserves real attention, and these various forms can feel embarrassing but they should not be. They are often just overactive responses in our brain from just the way we have formed habits. We need to alleviate stigma and realize more people have anxiety than we think. Patrick knows it is easier said than done.

You will NOT be shamed in a session with Patrick. You deserve relief! Anxiety can manifest in insidious ways that can feel so strange and tricky. But that’s why there are specialists like Patrick Tully, who have been trained to help people like you deal with anxiety.

You are not alone. Please reach out by filling out the form below or at Contact Patrick or by emailing him at You can also leave a message by calling (323) 819-0747. You can expect to hear back within 24-48 hours.

You deserve freedom from anxiety, and Patrick is an anxiety expert in Los Angeles who can help process through the anxious experience and help navigate through it. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions!

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Looking for a Gay Therapist in Culver City – Call Patrick Tully

There are many incredible therapists in Culver City and the surrounding Los Angeles area. But sometimes, it’s helpful to talk to someone that understands your experiences – someone that shares your background, your challenges, and your way of thinking.

As a gay therapist in Culver City, I see many patients in the LGBTQ+ community that desire a better understanding of self. While they may be struggling with conditions like anxiety and depression, they also know that their experience is unique in this world – different from the cis, straight men and their privileges. For anyone that prefers to talk to an LGBTQ therapist in Culver City, contact me today via my online form.

What I Can Help With

My goal as a therapist in Culver City is to *see* you. I want to know who you are and I want to make sure that you feel safe, cared for, and welcomed. I recognize the role that therapists played in my own acceptance of who I am and the growth that I’ve made as an individual. I want to be that support person for you. I can help you with LGBTQ affirmation. I can also help you address common conditions such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Creative Blocks
  • Work Stress
  • Couples Counseling

Many of my clients are from the LGBTQ community. But I also work with cis-women and cis-men that also feel more comfortable talking to a gay man than other therapists. I’m here to help you feel safe, heard, and respected. I also use a variety of evidence based strategies, including CBT, to help my clients in Culver City and Los Angeles receive the help and support they deserve.

Let’s Get Started – Call and Let’s Make A Connection

Therapy is science based and effective. But there’s also the importance of that initial connection between the therapist and the patient. The more you can trust me to help you, the more effective counseling will be. If you’re in need of a gay counselor in Culver City to help you navigate the challenges that you may face in life, please call me today for an introduction.

Gay Employees in Los Angeles, Culver City, California, Texas, and Florida

Gay Employee Who Feels Isolated for Various Reasons?

Unpack Through Your Stress with Patrick

Are you an LGBTQIA+ employee who feels excluded at work? Are you feeling stressed out or not sure how to present yourself in perhaps a heteronormative environment? Or maybe the culture is very inclusive, but there’s a lot of baggage for you to unpack and you just want a therapist who won’t judge you and give you space so you can examine patterns. Patrick is a Los Angeles therapist who can help you! He also helps people all over California, including as a therapist in LA, Pasadena, as a therapist in Culver City, as a therapist in Texas, and as a therapist in Florida.

Patrick Tully has a lot of experience working with people looking for jobs, whether they are considering other positions or jobs, or not. He has extensive experience in tech fields as well as the art fields! He has extensive post-graduate doctoral education in industrial and organizational psychology working in different levels of the workplace and understands how nuanced and complex these can be. Therapy is the one place where you can feel free to share things without worry because the therapist MUST uphold confidentiality as their number one priority above all else as part of their client’s safety. Patrick helps with stress in the workplace in LA, Culver City, Pasadena or any area in California. And Patrick is a gay therapist who is able to work in Texas and Florida with gay men who are experiencing work stress, including anxiety, career transitions, and professional relationships. You can also view the anxiety therapy page.

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Other people in the LGBTQ community also experience discrimination and workplace stress and deserve relief. Patrick Tully can be reached by email and will do his best to reach out to you within 48 hours if you fill out the form on this website or email him at

Work on Practical Work Matters with Patrick Tully in Los Angeles, Culver City, Texas, Florida. Your Cover Letter and Resume will be Polished

Patrick has experience working on resumes and practical things so if you need help with this, he can help you! Cover letters crafted for the employer are so important but Patrick can help you get this done faster!!!

Patrick also enjoys working with other gay and LGBTQIA+ inclusive businesses being a gay cis man himself. Employees’ comfort at work is crucial. Gay employees, gay owners, LGBTQ employees and owners must feel comfortable and able to express their needs collaboratively, without feeling like an “other.” Patrick works in the Culver City, Pasadena, and Los Angeles areas. He also is able to see people in Texas and Florida.

Experience from Multiple Layers of Bureaucracy Enables Patrick to Understand Your Concerns

Patrick works with employers and employees on every level, including systemic change, from even forms, interactions with colleagues and customers, and microaggressions whether conscious or not. Non-violent communication is a skill and one that is essential. We are here to collaborate and learn from each other and also with the combination of a consultant we can further the company to be one that is powerful and aligned. And be one that is viewed by everyone as friendly.

Reach out today! Remember, Patrick can help you as a therapist in Culver City, as a therapist in Los Angeles, as a therapist in Pasadena, as a therapist in any part in California. Patrick can also help anyone in Texas and Florida.

Gay Business Consulting in Culver City, Los Angeles, Texas, and Florida

Business Consulting for Gay Businesses and LGBTQ Inclusive Businesses

Are you an executive who is in need of business consulting and management help from someone who has knowledge in this area? Someone with outside knowledge of your business can greatly help your business, as they can greatly help your business and help you and your employees better manage any dysfunction or make any processes more efficient. Patrick Tully has worked with many businesses in Los Angeles, Culver City, Pasadena and nearby areas, as well as Texas and Florida thrive.

People sitting at a table discussing business strategy

Business consulting is not uncommon and LGBTQIA+ Business Consulting consists of important factors to consider when running a business. We want to respect people as they truly are, and thank you, whether you are a part of the LGBTQ and gay community yourself or are an ally, you have made the right choice to read about consulting. Many businesses consult, but they speak about it too much rather than make their employees feel included in the continued effort of diversity, equity, and inclusion. There are also many models used by consultants where conversations can take place between employees and allow employees to be heard. This allows for productive communication to occur, where otherwise no communication would occur. It is so thrilling to see the change happen within a department! When someone just assumes an intention for so long and then they realize they have been assuming, it opens up the dialogue for productive change!

Our automatic thoughts of a narrative that was previously created no longer has to continue!

Patrick Tully Has the Experience You Are Looking For – This Modern World is Different

Patrick Tully not only has graduate and post-graduate experience in clinical psychology, but also experiential and doctoral-level experience in industrial and organizational psychology specifically, he is specifically trained to help you and your company and its employees thrive. This new modern world is different with new different generations.

Two Asian women stand holding tablet by the window at the office

While he is licensed as a mental health professional in LA, Texas, and registered for telehealth in Florida, he actually can work anywhere by telehealth (California, Texas, Florida, and any other state) as a consultant and coach. But the confidentiality of consulting still is at play since he is actively licensed.

While workplace stress is real, the hyperlinked page takes you to the therapy realm of it and there is a page more applicable to the consulting side of business: Business Consulting.

While Patrick is licensed in California, Texas, and registered for telehealth in Florida, consulting and coaching can be done within any of the 50 states, and whether you want therapy or consulting can be clarified quite easily. You may already know what you need. I encourage you to reach out to Patrick Tully by emailing him at or leaving him a message at (323) 819-0747 Patrick will do his best to respond to you within 48 hours.

Eating Disorders in the Trans Community

We live in a world with intense social pressures to look, feel, and act in very specific ways. It is often these pressures (combined with trauma, anxiety, and other mental health struggles) that push people into developing eating disorders, like anorexia and bulimia. When we obsess over our body image, we often find that our reality changes and we create these ideals that are impossible to attain. This may lead us to skipping meals, reducing calories, or finding way to maintain the body weight that we think we need to be happy.

Eating disorders can affect anyone, of any sexuality or background. But they are more common in the LGBTQ+ community, and especially common in the trans community. That is why it is so important for trans men, trans women, and the people that love them to pay attention to the signs and symptoms of eating disorders in order to identify them early and help them receive the help they deserve.

Why Would Eating Disorders Be More Common in Trans Adults?

Trans people spend much of their lives realizing that they are presenting in the wrong body. They are often envisioning the way they were meant to look and feel. This hyperfocus on their appearance – both before and after transition – means that there is rarely a time when they are not thinking about their body image.

Similarly, post-transition there is also a pressure to feel like there has been a transformation. When someone is able to finally present as a woman, for example, they often feel eyes on them to look the way women are expected to look. This is all during a time when there are often traumas, stigmas, and other social issues that make the pressures even greater, all while taking hormone supplements that can lead to emotional changes.

Finally, people that have suffered through bullying, anxiety, trauma, and violence are also more likely to develop eating disorders – and we live in a world where this is an unfortunate reality for so many of the trans people we adore.

Psychotherapy for the Trans Community

Pre- and post-transition is often a time where trans youth and adults are thinking about their physical body and the way they appear. But it is important to remember now to forget that adapting to change and finding happiness also come from within. Therapy is immensely helpful as a way to find more contentment with yourself and your life, as you become more true to who. Licensed in California, Texas, and Florida, I am able to speak to anyone that needs to gain more control over their mental health, and I am local to the Los Angeles, Culver City, and Pasadena area for those that would prefer to work with someone close by.

Please contact me today if you feel that you’re struggling, and let’s start helping you take better control over your mental health.