There are many incredible therapists in Culver City and the surrounding Los Angeles area. But sometimes, it’s helpful to talk to someone that understands your experiences – someone that shares your background, your challenges, and your way of thinking.

As a gay therapist in Culver City, I see many patients in the LGBTQ+ community that desire a better understanding of self. While they may be struggling with conditions like anxiety and depression, they also know that their experience is unique in this world – different from the cis, straight men and their privileges. For anyone that prefers to talk to an LGBTQ therapist in Culver City, contact me today via my online form.

What I Can Help With

My goal as a therapist in Culver City is to *see* you. I want to know who you are and I want to make sure that you feel safe, cared for, and welcomed. I recognize the role that therapists played in my own acceptance of who I am and the growth that I’ve made as an individual. I want to be that support person for you. I can help you with LGBTQ affirmation. I can also help you address common conditions such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Creative Blocks
  • Work Stress
  • Couples Counseling

Many of my clients are from the LGBTQ community. But I also work with cis-women and cis-men that also feel more comfortable talking to a gay man than other therapists. I’m here to help you feel safe, heard, and respected. I also use a variety of evidence based strategies, including CBT, to help my clients in Culver City and Los Angeles receive the help and support they deserve.

Let’s Get Started – Call and Let’s Make A Connection

Therapy is science based and effective. But there’s also the importance of that initial connection between the therapist and the patient. The more you can trust me to help you, the more effective counseling will be. If you’re in need of a gay counselor in Culver City to help you navigate the challenges that you may face in life, please call me today for an introduction.