It can be tough to decide if therapy will help. You’ve never met the person and even with a phone conversation, you don’t know where it will go.

This is true of all relationships in life. Relationships are always uncertain. But the therapeutic relationship is one that is sacred, one where I cannot break confidentiality except for the few mandated times (which are discussed prior to the onset of therapy).

Therapy has gained more and more acceptance these days. I think as we all are troubled with things that seem like they shouldn’t affect us, we see the benefit of therapy. The interesting thing is that normalization for having our thoughts and feelings is a huge part of therapy and part of why it benefits us so much.

We grow up not knowing if everything we think is appropriate. We have set rules we follow and when we come into ourselves and see how so many things violate those “puritan” rules, we wonder and are left wondering unless an impartial witness can tell us otherwise.

It’s easy for clients to feel this way. I personally feel that just about everyone could benefit from therapy. I’ve always felt that way, even before I considered becoming a therapist. As a person who felt different than everyone else, I had tremendous benefit when a therapist would tell me that what I was experiencing was normal.

And for those things that I couldn’t seem to solve myself, I learned that having a guide to help me find the strength within to solve things was of tremendous benefit.

These days I see more people coming to therapy and being thankful that there’s someone else who can serve as an observer and also offer skill-building, when appropriate.

The therapy room also is a microcosm of how relationships in real life work, so that invites a lot of great insight into the room as to how we communicate.

As a therapist, I see the benefits of increased insight and increased skills to support one’s goals as invaluable.

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