Last week I was tested for my hearing level with the hybrid.  A series of beeps (similar to a hearing test) were sent to the booth I was sitting in at each frequency at different levels of volume.  The softest level one can detect the beeps the better.  The louder the beeps have to be, the more likely you have a hearing loss (for a hearing loss test).  In my case, the softer the beeps, the better my hybrid CI and brain are doing in adjusting to the new frequencies being heard.

Well, it’s two months in and my results showed that I hear all frequencies at a normal level with the hybrid CI on!  Wow!  With hearing aids, that never would have been attainable.

This test indicates that my brain has access to all of the frequencies!!!  Whee!!!

Now the speech discrimination work continues and my brain continues to adjust.

I have continued to retain the residual hearing I had after surgery!  This is great news as the risk decreases with time.  I will be able to breathe better after six months to a year post-surgery regarding residual (existing) hearing as when that time passes, the surgeon feels most at ease about existing hearing stability.