I had my second programming appointment today and it was amazing!  My brain is making the connection that the stimulation it is receiving is sound.  This started happening the last couple of days, but I wasn’t sure what was happening!  The sound is different than acoustic sound delivered from a hearing aid and is completely new, thus the need for the brain to rewire completely!

The acoustic portion (hearing aid) of the hybrid CI was adjusted to be more optimal for amplifying the low frequency hearing I have.  Thankfully, the test today showed that the low frequencies are still stable and thus I am able to continue to benefit from my residual hearing!  Whee!!!  This is a process that is continuously tested because even after the implant is placed, there is a risk that a person will lose their residual hearing.

I was thrilled as was my audiologist, Nancy, because I was able to distinguish between pitches in the appointment today.  I am so pleased and happy and feel so blessed and lucky!

This is truly a journey – a lifelong process.  Having the time to dedicate to this implant and allowing the brain to learn is so helpful and essential to the process.

Yes, I still have overwhelming moments of nerve stimulation, where it feels uncomfortable.  But I know the brain is working hard and this is par for the course!  I am so happy with today’s results and so pleased that my brain is capable of more sounds – especially given the length of time I have been hard-of-hearing!