It’s definitely hard to wait for the next programming appointment, because I’m dealing with all of these sensations and getting used to them — or not so much yet!  I’m just eager to have more of a black-and-white process, but that’s not going to happen.  The auditory nerve getting stimulated in new areas, and sending signals to the brain, and the brain figuring out what to do with this input is all new.  This all does make sense that not everything I’m getting is auditory yet in format.  As my last blog post mentioned, I’m getting all kinds of sensations at this point because it is all new.

This is because an implant is not like a hearing aid where the volume is amplified at different frequencies according to loss, but rather a direct connection to the auditory nerve – with such connections being new and not understandable by the brain yet.

Hearing aids are SO different!  They are black-and-white compared to cochlear implants.  Apples and oranges!

I’m trying to make a clear post, but there’s a lot of stuff happening!  Wow!  Any rational thinking is difficult to do!!!  What’s happening now is what’s happening.  So I just have to let it happen ;-).