Gay Employee Who Feels Isolated for Various Reasons?

Unpack Through Your Stress with Patrick

Are you an LGBTQIA+ employee who feels excluded at work? Are you feeling stressed out or not sure how to present yourself in perhaps a heteronormative environment? Or maybe the culture is very inclusive, but there’s a lot of baggage for you to unpack and you just want a therapist who won’t judge you and give you space so you can examine patterns. Patrick is a Los Angeles therapist who can help you! He also helps people all over California, including as a therapist in LA, Pasadena, as a therapist in Culver City, as a therapist in Texas, and as a therapist in Florida.

Patrick Tully has a lot of experience working with people looking for jobs, whether they are considering other positions or jobs, or not. He has extensive experience in tech fields as well as the art fields! He has extensive post-graduate doctoral education in industrial and organizational psychology working in different levels of the workplace and understands how nuanced and complex these can be. Therapy is the one place where you can feel free to share things without worry because the therapist MUST uphold confidentiality as their number one priority above all else as part of their client’s safety. Patrick helps with stress in the workplace in LA, Culver City, Pasadena or any area in California. And Patrick is a gay therapist who is able to work in Texas and Florida with gay men who are experiencing work stress, including anxiety, career transitions, and professional relationships. You can also view the anxiety therapy page.

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Other people in the LGBTQ community also experience discrimination and workplace stress and deserve relief. Patrick Tully can be reached by email and will do his best to reach out to you within 48 hours if you fill out the form on this website or email him at

Work on Practical Work Matters with Patrick Tully in Los Angeles, Culver City, Texas, Florida. Your Cover Letter and Resume will be Polished

Patrick has experience working on resumes and practical things so if you need help with this, he can help you! Cover letters crafted for the employer are so important but Patrick can help you get this done faster!!!

Patrick also enjoys working with other gay and LGBTQIA+ inclusive businesses being a gay cis man himself. Employees’ comfort at work is crucial. Gay employees, gay owners, LGBTQ employees and owners must feel comfortable and able to express their needs collaboratively, without feeling like an “other.” Patrick works in the Culver City, Pasadena, and Los Angeles areas. He also is able to see people in Texas and Florida.

Experience from Multiple Layers of Bureaucracy Enables Patrick to Understand Your Concerns

Patrick works with employers and employees on every level, including systemic change, from even forms, interactions with colleagues and customers, and microaggressions whether conscious or not. Non-violent communication is a skill and one that is essential. We are here to collaborate and learn from each other and also with the combination of a consultant we can further the company to be one that is powerful and aligned. And be one that is viewed by everyone as friendly.

Reach out today! Remember, Patrick can help you as a therapist in Culver City, as a therapist in Los Angeles, as a therapist in Pasadena, as a therapist in any part in California. Patrick can also help anyone in Texas and Florida.