Patrick Tully is an LGBTQ+ Friendly Therapist and Couples Counselor Offering Support for Gay and Lesbian Couples

We need human connection. When we find someone that we really understand – someone that sees us – it’s so meaningful and so special. But relationships can also be challenging. You may find that you’re disconnected, or that you’re not communicating correctly, or that you have anxiety about the commitment, trust, and so much more. Poly relationships and relationships that are open deserve just as much attention and respect from a competent therapist who cares.

As a gay therapist and couples and relationship counselor, I am here to talk to you about your relationship. I see relationships of various types, none that I label as “wrong,” and I understand how complex it can be to navigate the emotions of the relationship and how limited the resources are to help – especially for LGBTQ+ couples.

If you need couples counseling in Los Angeles, Pasadena, Culver City, or any of the nearby cities in the area, please contact me today. As a gay couples counselor, I am very understanding of LGBT couples, but I am also happy to accept couples of any kind, from any background. I would love to talk to you about your struggles and create a therapy plan to help.

Couples Therapy and Counseling in the LA Area

I accept all couples, no matter their sexuality, gender, or the type of relationship that they’re in. I have seen many straight-cis couples, but I also am fully comfortable with seeing gay, lesbian, and queer couples that are hoping to receive therapy and support from someone that is accepting and open to their backgrounds.

I am also fair. I recognize that both partners need a safe space to share and grow, and the way that I approach your care and growth as a couple is to make sure that all of you have a chance to be your truest selves and know that you’re in a safe space where you’ll be heard.

LGBT Couples Therapist: Patrick Tully

My name is Patrick Tully and I am available to help work with you and your partner. I am licensed to provide couples counseling in Pasadena, Culver City, Los Angeles, and all throughout California, Texas, and Florida, and I am local to SoCal and available to talk with you soon. I am often available for emergency couples counseling as well, when you need to talk to someone fast. Please call me today and let’s get started.