Therapy and Support from an Experienced Gay Therapist in LA at Patrick Tully Therapy

We want to be understood. We want someone that can guide us using not only evidence-based techniques, but also real world experience. Many people study therapy. But it’s one thing to know how to treat something. It is quite another to truly understand the person inside.

My name is Patrick Tully, and I know I can help you because I’ve been in your shoes. As a gay man myself, I remember what it was like – what it’s STILL like – to navigate this world as a so-often marginalized group. There are so many questions, so many emotions, so much confusion, and so little support. I want to be here to help you thrive, providing a space where you can feel open and encouraged to be who you truly are. If you’ve been looking for a gay counselor that you can feel comfortable with, please contact me today at (323) 819-0747 or use my online form at the bottom of the page to reach out.

Let’s Work Together for ANY of Your Challenges

So many of us struggle with anxiety, stress, and depression. So many more simply feel unsupported, unseen, and unheard. While therapists so often work with “disorders,” the truth is that what many of us need most is an advocate, mentor, and a friend. We need someone that can help us explore our emotions and our fears. We need someone that will be there to help us find the strength that is already inside of us.

I see people of all sexual identities, cultures, and backgrounds. But I also know that for those in the LGBTQ+ community, many therapists often struggle to understand what it is like to just *be* in this primarily cis-heteronormative world. They can guide us, but they may not understand us, and certainly may struggle to create a judgment-free environment where we can truly be ourselves.

That is why so many in the gay community inherently know that they want to work with a gay therapist in Los Angeles, so that they don’t have to explain who they are to anyone and can come to therapy ready to heal.

Start Today – Call Me for An Appointment

I’m here for you, and if you’re still not sure about therapy, let’s start the healing process by just getting to know each other. Please give me a call and let’s simply start a conversation. I know you have questions about rates, about therapeutic modalities, about the therapy process, and maybe about any conditions you may feel you struggle with like anxiety or depression. We can talk about them, see if there is a connection there, and get started on helping you move forward.