Business Consulting for Gay Businesses and LGBTQ Inclusive Businesses

Are you an executive who is in need of business consulting and management help from someone who has knowledge in this area? Someone with outside knowledge of your business can greatly help your business, as they can greatly help your business and help you and your employees better manage any dysfunction or make any processes more efficient. Patrick Tully has worked with many businesses in Los Angeles, Culver City, Pasadena and nearby areas, as well as Texas and Florida thrive.

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Business consulting is not uncommon and LGBTQIA+ Business Consulting consists of important factors to consider when running a business. We want to respect people as they truly are, and thank you, whether you are a part of the LGBTQ and gay community yourself or are an ally, you have made the right choice to read about consulting. Many businesses consult, but they speak about it too much rather than make their employees feel included in the continued effort of diversity, equity, and inclusion. There are also many models used by consultants where conversations can take place between employees and allow employees to be heard. This allows for productive communication to occur, where otherwise no communication would occur. It is so thrilling to see the change happen within a department! When someone just assumes an intention for so long and then they realize they have been assuming, it opens up the dialogue for productive change!

Our automatic thoughts of a narrative that was previously created no longer has to continue!

Patrick Tully Has the Experience You Are Looking For – This Modern World is Different

Patrick Tully not only has graduate and post-graduate experience in clinical psychology, but also experiential and doctoral-level experience in industrial and organizational psychology specifically, he is specifically trained to help you and your company and its employees thrive. This new modern world is different with new different generations.

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While he is licensed as a mental health professional in LA, Texas, and registered for telehealth in Florida, he actually can work anywhere by telehealth (California, Texas, Florida, and any other state) as a consultant and coach. But the confidentiality of consulting still is at play since he is actively licensed.

While workplace stress is real, the hyperlinked page takes you to the therapy realm of it and there is a page more applicable to the consulting side of business: Business Consulting.

While Patrick is licensed in California, Texas, and registered for telehealth in Florida, consulting and coaching can be done within any of the 50 states, and whether you want therapy or consulting can be clarified quite easily. You may already know what you need. I encourage you to reach out to Patrick Tully by emailing him at or leaving him a message at (323) 819-0747 Patrick will do his best to respond to you within 48 hours.