Today marks seven days since I’ve had the hybrid CI operation – the device has not yet been turned on.  This will happen on Wednesday.

Tomorrow is a post-op appointment where the incision is checked, etc.

Anyway, I’ve had pretty good energy up until today.  I just had to sleep.  My brain felt very discombobulated and I was just fatigued.  Thankfully I was able to sleep in quite easily and have peaceful time to myself.

I think everyone has a weird time post-op with any surgery.  The body is adjusting to life and waiting for everything to heal.  I’m also waiting to start the auditory relearning process and figuring out how I fit into this world as I’m able to focus on that for the next few months.

While I enjoy Seattle, I do look forward to life back in Los Angeles.

But this journey is necessary for me to do, because the potential benefits are incredible.