Creating Your Script and the Nuances of Staging

Saturdays 2-5pm May 13, 30, 27, and June 10

I am a supporter of creatives in therapy and have a creative background. I have worked with Debra and she has supported me in my business and my creative endeavors.

Debra De Liso is a renowned actor, dramaturg, director, writer, teacher, and great mentor to me. She has created hundreds of one person shows and has worked at USC for many years and has had her own business.

I am absolutely thrilled that she is announcing an online-based solo performance workshop that is very personalized.

The $300 course fee includes:

-4 three-hour online sessions
-6 instructional videos
-Weekly writing prompts
-Technical and creative tools
-The “Physicalization of a Role” as a path for the writer
-Inspiring encouragement
-Personalized dramaturgical coaching
-Insights from online classmates
-Staging ideas and coaching
-Links to solo performances
-A field trip to a solo play (if you are in L.A.)

-Your own autobiographical script in just four weeks!

Let Debra know you are interested soon by emailing her at

Speaking of this foray into online learning, Debra said: “I’m excited about this new launch. During the pandemic, I taught Solo Performance (and even Improv) to my students using Zoom. The playscripts became short film scripts, and I guided the students to direct their own short films.”

I am thrilled Debra is doing this. She pours her passion into everything and everyone is lucky to meet her and I was one of those people. Debra doesn’t have a big ego, and I felt so blessed to become not only a student but also a friend of hers. So I’m very happy to support her in her journey.

This interactive journey is very helpful for mental health, and I will always support Debra and her supportive atmosphere. She has always been a supporter of my practice, and I deeply appreciate her for that.

Debra states of her solo performance class,

“With this new online class, our specific writing sessions and my intuitive directing style, we will discover what you have within you—live theatre, film, maybe a novel, TV series or even a stand-up set. I will follow your intuition and see what medium will best support the sharing of the work you create.”