An advantage to this cochlear implant is that the brand, Cochlear, has partnered with a hearing aid manufacturer, Resound, for their wireless bluetooth accessories.

Among the wireless accessories offered are a TV Streamer that can be connected to the television with the audio streamed directly to the cochlear implant processor as well as a Phone Clip+ that can connect via Bluetooth to a cell phone for conversations streamed directly to the processor.

I have one implant as my other ear is better and does not qualify for one.  But I plan to buy a compatible hearing aid (a Resound hearing aid) so that if I make a phone call with the Phone Clip, it will stream the audio to both ears directly!  Right now, my hearing aid is a Phonak and their wireless portfolio is incompatible since they’re not partnered with Cochlear.

The television audio would also be streamed directly.

The Phone Clip and TV Streamer can also connect to other devices such as a computer, MP3 player, etc. so the applications for use are widespread!

Being able to use Bluetooth in this way is a welcome addition to the hybrid implant; a sort of cherry on top!

There is a wireless microphone that can be used in a classroom for example or at a restaurant – the microphone can be clipped to whom you want to hear and their voice is amplified.  But I have never enjoyed those types of products.  Hearing aids have had this option for years (usually called an FM system, but there are different technologies that are called a variety of things), but I have always preferred using the microphones on my hearing aids rather than these microphones.

Check out the wireless accessories here: