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Finding a therapist can be challenging.

There are now many tech-companies that dilute the therapist pool with much saturation and companies claiming 95% success in 3 sessions. But the sessions are often short and confusing. As a licensed psychotherapist who also dedicates extensive time to conducting peer-reviewed research and refuses to be compensated by companies for research, I see a lot of conflicts of interest. I continually update my education to be able to deliver high-quality and evidence-based practices to you, my clients.

I am careful to not make misleading claims. There is simply no way one therapist or way of conducting therapy will work for everyone. I continually learn about practices that have been studied, and not only the ones that have been sponsored by companies to conduct the trials. I came into the field to learn to be impartial and objective and deliver what works for each person.

I want you to have the freedom to tell me if something is not working! I have listed in the table below a few tools I implement in my regular practice to improve outcomes. I believe that people can improve with a strong therapeutic alliance, a treatment plan that incorporates treatment modalities that work for that person (often occurring organically and developing in-the-moment) and utilizing insight and strategies. Some clients benefit more from insight and others primarily from strategies.

The therapist starts off asking questions and should always ask questions. If you feel a therapist is off-track, you should feel free to let them know! :-)

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Sessions can be longer at 50 minutes!

Remember when therapy sessions were normally 50 minutes? Specialized platforms are confusing both clients and therapists and shortening the actual sessions to less than 50% of what sessions used to be! By my not engaging with these platforms and remaining private, I offer you true private practice therapy again! No more confusing chat-based sessions that count against your session time!

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Fees upfront and discussion of fees

I do accept some insurance. The paperwork becomes more challenging every year and yes, I am required to write notes in specific mundane formats due to insurance audits and clawbacks because if they decide that the session does not meet medical necessity, they can clawback the amount and deem you responsible. You can opt-out of insurance if you wish and I will drop the insurance treatment plan and note for a simple format, and we can instead pay out of pocket. The best way to determine what works is to determine your budget, see what sources are available such as Health Savings Accounts, as I can accept those, and also provide me with your insurance card, and if out-of-network, I can bill the insurance for out of network benefits, and you are often able to receive reimbursement.

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Truly collaborative care

Collaborative care is back! I discuss with every client what might be a good method of treatment, open to change. And I welcome feedback! Just let me know, and I also ask clients, so you can let me know in session! I feel this lets in transparency in a way that has been missing in therapy for far too long. The question-based forms sent out only do so much, and can be too generic. But some people enjoy those, and I have access to those just in case. Just let me know what works for you!

In order to protect your privacy and prevent outside influence, we don’t contract with every insurance company.

However, we will be happy to provide you with an itemized receipt to submit to your insurance for out-of-network reimbursement.

Insurance providers’ policies vary, so please check with your insurance company to see what they will cover.

Limited sliding scale counseling fees are available for those who can demonstrate financial need.

For more information on insurance restrictions and billing, check out: What to Expect Your First Session

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