You Deserve to be Affirmed
Not Merely Tolerated

Therapy for the Modern Age in Los Angeles

Modern therapy designed for self-discovery

If you feel like an “Other” or an outsider, you’ll feel comfortable sharing with me. I know what that feels like and how to deal with it.

I can help you. Questioning yourself. Questioning your life. Questioning your needs.

There isn’t a clear answer in sight, and you wonder if there will be.

Don’t stay on a path defined by ‘those who know best’

Being told what to do, what to feel, what path will lead to the easiest life may be fine – if that advice gave you peace. But it doesn’t.

You are expected to ‘man up,’ ‘fit the mold.’ But that life doesn’t feel right.

West Los Angeles Psychotherapy (In Person and Online) caters to those who seek clarity. Imagine a life free from the trappings of anxiety, feeling out-of-place, and worried.

Seeking therapy is courageous, and you have taken the first step.

Your search for a therapist has ended… See why…

Tailoring the right form of therapy is accomplished through discussing your concerns and linking those to patterns you may or may not be aware of. Patterns can be so automatic in our lives.

Extensive training enables me to understand you in a new way.

You deserve empathic, warm therapy, free from chaos and confusion. A confidential space is waiting for you.

Stop waiting to feel better or explore yourself, start discovering a life free from anxiety now.

Stop waiting and experience a better life that frees you to understand yourself deeply and develop better relationships.

Take the next step…

Call me or complete the contact form for a free phone consultation. You can ask questions, learn about the process, and get a feel for how well we would work together.