Strength-Based All-Inclusive Therapy that Affirms

Tailored for You and Your Relationships.

Feeling like an outcast in your relationships?

Polyamorous or having an open relationship may make it difficult to be accepted by your family or your friends.

No one close to you understands why you have a different type of relationship. They don’t see it as a serious choice.

Tired of feeling like you’re on eggshells?

The relationship has lost steam, and you’re worried that this is “par for the course.” You’re unable to communicate effectively and don’t know how to get back to the place you once were.

Feeling let down by your partner can be nerve-wracking and lead to frustration and anxiety.

Being stuck in a relationship that is no longer rewarding keeps you walking around trying not to rock the boat until you can decide. But how?

Give up, let go – fall apart?

Stuck relationships are unlocked, and communication is smoothed out to be constructive.

Monogamous, polyamorous, open relationships – all are my specialty. These are common concerns and can be discussed openly in a safe, confidential setting where you won’t feel shamed for your relationship.

As a trained therapist and one who understands the need to validate polyamorous, open, and every relationship form, I see you and accept you.

Put an end to relationship worries. Be happy again and learn how to navigate your relationship in healthier ways.

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