Isolated by Hearing Loss?

A parent of a hard-of-hearing child?

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This is a message to those who have partial hearing loss or are parents of those with partial hearing loss!

You now have an impartial and confidential resource! Me!

Hearing Loss Sucks

Frustration with hearing devices, struggling with the decision to get a cochlear implant, and saddened by your life are challenges not everyone has.

Are you hard-of-hearing, and were you mainstreamed?

Are you a parent or partner of someone who is hard-of-hearing?

As a hard-of-hearing therapist, I can help you work through the emotions and the practical questions you struggle with. You’re wondering who to trust with so many opinions thrown your way.

Am I doing the right thing? you ask yourself.

My parents went through the same struggles. What works for one person won’t work for another. Let me guide you to discover what works.

Hearing loss interferes with everyday activities!

Missing Out on Conversations?

Being left out of conversations is not fun. You deserve to learn how to deal with situations that may seem like a lost cause. You deserve fulfilling friendships and relationships.

Feeling like an ‘Other’ is not satisfying.

A Parent Who is Not Sure What to Do?

I am a therapist who understands similar themes: I am hard-of-hearing, speak orally, and have hearing devices. The process was not easy. My parents didn’t have it easy either. Whether you have partial hearing loss or are the family member of someone who is, I can help.

Unlike other therapists, I can help you with the journey, so it can become easier for you. This includes whether you yourself are hard-of-hearing or if you are a parent or another family member with difficult decisions to make.

You’ll feel less isolated, upset, lonely, and fatigued! Figure out how to navigate the challenges life has sent your way, so you can find trust again.

I was mainstreamed as a child and did not learn sign language. I learned SEE (Signing Exact English), which isn’t it’s own language like ASL is, but for me it worked in my unique situation. I stopped using SEE once I starting speaking English verbally. My parents had to make difficult choices, and every child will be different in what they need and what direction to go in. My job isn’t to tell you what’s right. My job is to help you navigate this journey so you know you are not alone.

If you need a therapist who knows sign language, let me know and I can refer you to resources.

Call me at (323) 819-0747 or complete the contact form for a free consultation. You can ask questions, learn about the process, and get a feel for how well we would work together.