Therapy for Creatives


Does your teacher both help and hinder you? Are you worried about what you want and whether it’s achievable? Stop and contact me to be guided to a clearer future.

You’re an actor or another creative type that sees the world through a unique prism. You don’t see the world with the same boring practicalities of others. Maybe you do notice them, but your focus is on your creation.

You get nervous even though you feel you shouldn’t.

You train with the best and feel stuck in a rut that makes success seem further away.

You’re afraid of showing your true self. You wonder if it is all a façade or perhaps reality is right… creativity is just a cloud of broken promises.

As a “wannabe actor,” you wish this all away as you go to your audition but feel stumped as you read the script and feel blocked by the rigidity in the room. It annoys you, but you can’t share your opinion in front of these professionals.

You’re writing a book, and other people wonder when you’ll be finished. And you wonder that yourself. “Leave me alone,” you think. BUT you think and think and think about why you’re stuck.

So many questions: Why am I not doing my job? Why is my career not taking off? Why can’t I enjoy my life?

Most of all, you worry about whether you’ll have to give up your dreams and get yet another job that bores you.

Can your dream be your reality?

You want to create, and yet the world doesn’t see it that way. You want to be yourself, but the world sees you as odd.

What is the answer? The answer lies within you, but you may feel afraid to know what it is.

People in the queer community are creative artists as are those who are not. Patrick has worked with many people of different lived experiences and creative backgrounds as well. Art is made up of many forms, and so are the people who create it! There are many artists in the LGBTQ+ community, including different sexual orientations and gender identities. There are no assumptions made when you enter into therapy with Patrick Tully. There are many actors who are queer, and many actors who are heterosexual and are trans. The art field is expansive and not limited to any person of any identities. Identities are multifaceted and Patrick looks forward to learning about you and what makes you unique.

Call me at (323) 819-0747 or email me at to inquire about processing this all in a safe space where you can be as messy as you need to be.

No judgment here. I don’t think so linearly and see therapy as a creative place to throw ideas around like mud. See what sticks and then see if things feel different. You’ll be okay. But contact me so you are on a clear path sooner rather than waiting for later.