Therapist in Los Angeles: Anxiety, Depression, LGBTQ, and More

Patrick Tully is a Therapist in LA Providing Counseling and Care for Men, Women and Non-Binary Individuals Remotely

You deserve to live your best live. You deserve to be happy. You deserve to live your truth. You deserve to feel accepted, loved, and appreciated. You deserve to have more control over your anxiety, stress, sadness, and relationship issues. You deserve to feel like you’re at your best.
I want to help you. My name is Patrick. I’m a therapist in Los Angeles that has created an environment that is accepting to all sexualities, cultures, and backgrounds. I am here to support your wellness, and I want you to always know that you’re cared for – that you have someone on YOUR side to help you when you need someone the most. Please fill out my online form, or you can text or call me today at (323) 819-0747.

About My Services

I received a Master’s in Clinical Psychology at Antioch University in LA. Like many therapists, I prioritize evidence based treatments to make sure that each and every patient is receiving research-supported care.

But I also know that your ability to receive care isn’t just about going through some mechanical process that treats you like a number. It’s about seeing you for who you are. No one has the same experiences. No one has the same past or present. No one has the same desires, goals, and traumas that you have had. My role is to show you that you are in a place where YOU matter, and where the treatment we work on and the way we approach your care are carefully applied based on what makes you who you are.

I treat most common mental health conditions including:

I also am an experienced counselor and coach for conditions that are not “diagnostic” in nature, but still benefit from professional support. For example:

I approach every patient with empathy, and I feel and share your struggles so that I may also know how to help you through them. As a gay therapist, many LGBTQ individuals know they’re safe to talk to me, and many straight cis people find that they also feel more comfortable speaking to someone that they can feel safe with. I was also an artist in Los Angeles just like so many here, and integrated that time in the artistic community into my care.

Treatments and Support

Every single person I work with is different and distinct in their own way, and so too will be the approach we use. Sometimes we may use cognitive behavioral therapy, considered by many to be the gold standard of therapy treatments. Sometimes, we’ll just talk. You and I, together, will determine what type of counseling and support makes the most sense for your growth as an individual. Examples of the therapies that we may consider include:

We may combine approaches or try something new. You and I will work together to discover which treatment approach is most likely to transform you into who you’d like to be.

Where to Find Me – My Location

Ever since the pandemic, and ever since research has proven that TeleHealth provides similar outcomes to in-person treatment – many of my patients have moved entirely to remote therapy appointments. In fact, I am licensed to provide therapy through the entirely of California, Texas, and Florida, so even though I’m in Los Angeles, I am able to support clients in 3 of the largest US states.

Call, Text, or Contact Me Online, Today

I’m an experienced therapist that is here to help you with your struggles. I have had my work and thoughts featured in several publications, including Huffington Post and CNBC. I want an opportunity to get to know you. Please contact me today via my online form, or call or text me for more immediate support.