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Trust Patrick Tully, a Texas licensed therapist. You can finally seek therapy and no longer feel stuck in any boxes: LGBTQ+ Affirmative Therapy, Anxiety Therapy, and More!

You deserve to be Yourself with Patrick Tully with Patrick Tully through Telehealth Anywhere in Texas including Plano, Texas, North, Texas, and other areas.

I am licensed in multiple states including Texas, and I sought out licensure in Texas so I could provide online therapy to people who wanted help from a therapist who truly would not judge them. You do not need to have certain “criteria” to find counseling helpful. People come in to share about issues and stress and that is more than enough. You deserve it! I know the struggle. I may be located in Los Angeles, CA right now, but I want to help you know you are not alone.

Seeking therapy was so helpful for me and I know you will find it useful too. I am a cis man who is gay and I have helped many in the LGBTQ+ community. Society today is complex and complicated and too much. But it helps to have a CONFIDENTIAL and safe space.
I offer a safe space for many concerns including anxiety, which can be treated with cognitive behavioral therapy, exposure-therapy, and many other methods that include just talking which is very healing in and of itself.

I encourage you to browse my website and my blog. Be sure to check out my FAQ page and do not hesitate to reach out by text or by using the form below or on my contact page.

Is Telehealth Inconvenient?

Sometimes there can be inconvenience with telehealth, but I have a very creative brain which is why I work so well with creative individuals! :-). You do not need to be a creative artist, but the point is, we can brainstorm together. I am open to phone calls and also if during work hours, sometimes there can be meetings scheduled that are personal. Think of when you need other appointments and other doctor check-ups. We can work together to get the help you need! I see clients in their car as well and this works. I also have utilized Bluetooth on my end so that your voice is not heard at all. But not to worry, it’s always private here regardless. I also am able to type out responses using a HIPAA-compliant messaging system. I have had texting clients as we video or even not with video. I have used VSee Messenger for that purpose. There are many options that may not seem apparent right away, especially when you are feeling stressed. In our first meeting, keep in mind that even if it’s not the “ideal location,” we can talk about logistics and handle the deeper issues later on!

Heteronormativity is defined as when heterosexuality is viewed as the norm and can be conflated with male/female gender binary norms as well, which would be termed cisnormativity with cisgender adults, including me, not having to experience the same experience of the trans community. But my education of the queer community is ongoing and never ends. I truly believe in LGBTQIA+ Affirmative therapy for all, and this informs all of my practices and continues in my consultations and education.

I do work with cisgender people too of course, and of course the training in modalities does not require specialized training for white cisgender heterosexual adults. But any marginalized group does require extra training, including multicultural training and acknowledging that minority stress does exist. The LGBTQIA+ community has had significant minority stress, especially those of gender identities that are not considered societal norms. But rest assured, I consider them to be normal and welcomed. There is no room for judgement.

The Research Shows Discrimination

Plenty of research supports disparity for the LGBTQIA+ community, including the LGBTQIA Quality of Life Study by Shout Out Austin in 2021. Despite hosting multiple Pride events, and being welcome to sexual and gender diversity in certain ways, the city of Austin has no community center for the LGBTQ community. The issues get worse for people of color who live in Austin, Texas. This big city has major issues, and researchers sometimes can assume quality of life in smaller cities from larger cities based on demographics when it comes to gender and sexual identity until data exists. It can be assumed that a smaller less liberal town will be even less welcoming, as Austin, Texas is also catering to tourists who want to see different sides of the city and not be limited. However, state laws are law, and despite how liberal a city is, especially in certain states such as Texas, cisnormativity and heteronormativity will be felt in more areas than for example Los Angeles, CA or other overall more liberal areas.

You Can Reach Out Today and Get Started with Me! – Patrick Tully is Accepting Clients in Texas!

Let us see what we can do to ease the burdens on you. You deserve relief from all the stress! Regardless of the reasons, please reach out to me because I want you to succeed beyond what you think is currently possible! Please message me using the form below or the form on the contact page, or by texting me at (323) 819-0747. I look forward to hearing from you!

Serving anywhere in Texas as Telehealth allows for therapy to be conducted anywhere! Plano Texas, 75023, and North Texas are just a couple of the areas I serve within Texas, but with the advances in telehealth we will work together to GET CREATIVE and find something that works for you.