Unsolicited Client Reviews

“Los Angeles is filled with therapists, and so it was hard to have to decide. Except Patrick’s website spoke to me and I knew I had to reach out to him. He explained how therapy worked during the first session and I could not have been more thankful. I was looking for someone who was willing to be affirmative and to LISTEN to what I had to say without judgment. Patrick did just that. He is highly experienced and has written multiple publications. The sessions are so worthwhile. Please do yourself a favor and schedule a time with Patrick.”

“I had just moved to Los Angeles and was searching for therapists. Patrick popped up and I gave him a call. He was reassuring and so kind. I’m so glad to have him as an impartial person in my life that I can share stuff with. He is reflective but not completely passive either. It’s a perfect combination and I wish more therapists were like Patrick. I have had therapy in the past, but I have never had a therapist like Patrick before.”

“I took a look at Patrick’s Google reviews and they were all five stars, so I knew I had to contact him to see if he was a fit. Well, I felt something special right then and there when we talked as he had such empathy and was such a good listener. He has a lot of experience and also is a very good listener. Oftentimes, I find therapists are either one or the other: experienced and not good listeners, or inexperienced and good listeners! But Patrick is both experienced and a good listener.”

“To be honest, I was ambivalent about returning to therapy since I wanted someone who was experienced and also down-to-earth. Patrick fit both those criteria and my life has improved with his guidance. Thank you Patrick!”

Unsolicited Reviews from Therapists

“Patrick is an amazing therapist who provided me with excellent consultation. I’m a therapist who, like Patrick, has been in the field for a number of years. I wanted a different perspective in regards to how I approached certain clients, and Patrick gave me advice that allowed for my curiosity to really lead the way. I had been assuming too much, as many of us can do while being therapists for others. I continue to seek consultation from Patrick as it’s good to get new perspectives.”

“Patrick offered a fresh perspective from a non-judgmental place when I was talking to him about my approach to therapy. This should be no surprise given that Patrick’s methods are well-rooted in research and are client-centered as well. I have known Patrick for years as a colleague and he has stellar training and has been with the best in the business. He gave me confidence and inspired me to be better. I was getting a bit tired of the way I was doing things, but he encouraged me to just consider some shifts. And they worked! I always enjoy talking to Patrick.”

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