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Parents of Children with Hearing Loss

Uncertainty – What Do I Do?

Parents come to see me with concerns about guidance their child has been given. “What if it’s wrong?” they ask me. Parents often do not know which of the many experts in the field to trust. Other parents often have different opinions as well.

Julie* came to see me with a concern that her son would be bullied. She had been advised to stick with mainstreaming and was concerned that foregoing sign language would provide her son with fewer choices.

Ron* came to see me about concerns his son wouldn’t be normal and be able to speak. He wasn’t sure who to trust. He had some ideas of his own but was feeling quite bogged down.

Elizabeth* told me she was having trouble navigating the advice she was given. She wanted to give her daughter every opportunity but wasn’t sure if she had the resources to do this.

Many parents are uncertain about choices they make. You are not alone. As a person with partial hearing loss, my family had to navigate a system of experts and opinions. There is no one right answer for anyone. I have no agenda. I do not believe that one size fits all and I feel you’ve had enough people telling you what you should do.

Learning how to navigate the world

You’ll have a safe space where you will be able to share your opinions and instincts with me. When I say I’m impartial, I mean it. You feel worried, tired, and anxious being tasked with making what seem to be impossible decisions.

You want the best for your child. And I understand the unique challenges you’re facing.

Having an impartial observer who allows you space without bias is essential.

We will work together so you feel empowered and joyful once again!

We can work through this together and you can feel heard with me in your corner 100% of the way.

You deserve clarity and understanding as to what decisions work for YOU and YOUR family, not any family. I remain impartial because many people are likely already providing their opinions, and the space to voice concerns without judgment is limited.

Therapy is designed to be judgement-free and that’s how I was trained and how I work.

There are many resources out there for you, and I can help you navigate these resources as well.

Families are unique. Individuals are unique. You deserve to have clarity. Call to find out… (323) 819-0747.

*Composite of many clients.