LGBTQ Business Consulting

Two Asian women stand holding tablet by the window at the officeGay and LGBTQ Inclusive Business Consulting

LGBTQIA+ and Gay Inclusive Companies Needing Help

Patrick has worked with many companies in Los Angeles, Culver City, and nearby areas in California with consulting for their businesses to ensure that on all levels their businesses are delivering the top-notch services they need to be doing. Patrick is a gay therapist in California, Texas, and Florida. But to do consulting, Patrick can work in all 50 states as consultation does not depend on licensure the way psychotherapy does.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion is a deeply researched idea and with it comes more loyalty from your employees. When your customers see your employees are happy, then your business will grow.

These times are uncertain. We have seen impacts on so many levels from a traumatic global event and multiple events that have been devastating.

Let’s “Reset” Your Company – Your Vision!

Decisions from many companies have had to be made. Employers are distrustful. Employees are distrustful. The cycle needs to stop. Let’s start with your company. If there is distrust, we can work on that! If there is a need to recalibrate after all the events we have all been through, we can collaboratively and proactively work through it.

Hands of two people at work with laptopStep-by-step: We will be strong

No matter where things are right now. No matter how big or small the issue is right now. The goals are achievable! Communication and strategies are the way to a path forward!

Gay, LGBTQIA+ workers are essential in the workforce, and they are also our customers. If we expect our employees to act as if none of the events affect them, then that does not help them. We must also understand that other employees such as females, and allies will also be affected. An environment of inclusivity will be needed in whatever company structure we have. LGBTQ Affirmative workplaces function better because these workers often suffer minority stress due to the unique stressors of being in a majority straight world, even if people are inclusive. There can still be a nudge of feeling different, which is why Patrick offers a specialty in LGBTQIA+ affirmative therapy and individual therapy.

People sitting at a table discussing business strategyExamine the Issues, Develop a Plan, and then Move Forward with Collaboration

If we have a bureaucratic function, we benefit from hiring a consultant who is able to examine multiple levels and listen to employees and hear what they have to say. Patrick is empathic and understanding and an outsider to the company. Consultants are coming in with roles in mind and the goal is to build the best company possible. The goal is also to not need the consultant again.

Communication is vital. We all are imperfect. One thing Patrick learned and would love to share is that if everyone was open with imperfections than the comfort of everyone else would likely be so much greater. We are human after all. We have each endured so much in our own ways.

Employees, and employers, will often write a narrative based on assumptions, and it can be about a way a company works, a coworker, or something else. So, unpacking these assumptions is one thing that will be unpacked. Another will be the system itself, and how it has worked. But first it has to start at the individual level and then expand outwards.

Patrick’s experience includes post-masters doctoral level experience with clinical psychology mixed with industrial and organizational psychology – and experiential experience with many companies, navigating the unique structures of each of them, utilizing evidence-based research to improve the quality of the companies in collaboration with the different levels of departments that called for Patrick’s help.

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