Therapy for Individuals

Worrying about almost everything

Tension floods your system. Thoughts are triggering you and making you feel overwhelmed.

Where can you turn? The feelings are too much. You wonder if maybe you deserve to suffer.

You’re tired of not having answers, but answers aren’t all you need.

Your chest tightens as you attempt to make each deadline. The pressure in your body makes you long for the possibility of relief.

Feel like crying, but don’t want to cry in front of others?

Cry, cry, cry, your voice may seem stolen from you as when you have strong emotions, your ability to speak becomes weak. You feel odd, as if the struggle is not real.

Not sure of what’s happening? Anxious, sad, nervous? Sweaty palms and feel alone?

I’m here to tell you, no you’re not alone. And suffering can end.

There is a way to find peace.

With my compassionate, targeted techniques rooted in evidence-based practice, I allow you to be heard and to offer you help that is effective. You’ll feel challenged as we work together to address the hard things, but with this comes great satisfaction and movement forward.

Somatic and cognitive strategies will address both your thoughts and feelings about behaviors You’ll develop skills to learn how to breathe deeply once again, not only as an exercise, but as a part of your natural routine.

With me, you’ll feel free to share and not feel ashamed. You can talk about any topic. You’re not alone in this journey, and I won’t let go as you find your own strength.

What I will do is help you as we wake up the empowerment that lies within you, so you’re able to hold yourself when you need help – and no longer need me to be your guide.

Holding space, by itself, does so much for us, and the rest as well. Therapy will be invigorating, empowering, and, yes, scary at times. I can be with you for as long as your journey takes.

Call (323) 819-0747 to gain clarity and perspective. I offer a free 15-minute consultation. Allow peace in your life again.