Individual Relationship Counseling

Something doesn’t feel aligned in your relationship, it feels very rocky…

You are coming to therapy wanting to discuss something amiss in your relationship. Perhaps you are not even sure what it is. But you don’t have to bring your significant other to counseling. You can just bring yourself in. Or if you are in counseling together, you deserve to process on your own. Your anxiety may be sky high right now. Even with sky-high commitment to each other. Don’t worry… You’re now in a safe space to talk about it!

Maybe you or your partner wants to bring someone into the relationship. You think that’s a failure of the relationship? Or maybe not. We can discuss your concerns. I will not judge.

So, you try to confront your partner with your fears, but then it becomes conflicted. You don’t know what to say. Fights occur.

The relationship is tough and so draining!

Infidelity and betrayal are hard things. Do not be concerned about judgment. If you have made an error, I will not judge. My place is to be compassionate and help YOU in the relationship. Together, we can navigate the messy terrain. The confrontation with reality can be tough, but you are not alone! You do not need to fear the worst!!! Our minds can fear the worst rather than hope for the best. There can be a middle ground where the reality could end up. Or maybe it could end up better than before!

You may both be technically “talking” to one another. But it may not be going anywhere. We can discuss that. We can process, as well as go over strategies if you want to. I am a flexible therapist and there are multiple approaches to take. Depending on multiple layers, we will navigate this together. Don’t worry about not knowing where to go. Your relationship can still be salvageable even if it doesn’t feel like it right now. Emotions are running high, but you are in a safe place with me as your therapist.



Find out what might be possible… Best of all, you can take action to improve your situation now.

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