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Partial Hearing Loss and Tinnitus

The ringing in your ears is incessant. You’re fed up and angry for being dealt this hand as you wonder if this freaking ringing will QUIET DOWN!

Is this the way life will be, you wonder? Am I stuck with this?

If you have a hearing loss, you’ve also had to deal with that and annoying fiddling with hearing devices that don’t always work like they should.

You start to wonder if you’re defective in some way and should just stop truly living. You’ve likely already stopped living the life you’ve thought you were going to live.

You want fulfilling friendships but the ringing and embarrassment of it all prevents you from enjoying being with people. You don’t even enjoy being with yourself, alone. It’s frightening.

You want a satisfying relationship, but the noise and lack of clarity are all consuming. These things don’t just come and go, they keep coming!

You’re feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and worried.

I’m here to guide you through life with tinnitus and/or hearing loss. There is a light. Targeted therapies and tools are available for you to start living the life you thought had drifted away. It’s right in front of you.


Here are some stories:

“Jerry’s cochlear implant bugged him. So did his hearing aid. He was tired of tinnitus and tired of uncertainty. Jerry had wanted to simply hear better. But he felt powerless. He didn’t want to admit that to just anyone. He felt he should know better and have control over his condition. But Jerry realized things weren’t working. He reached out and in doing so, his hope was renewed.”

“Isolation frightened Andrea. She was worried her partial hearing loss would ruin the remaining communication with her husband, especially as it was progressive. Andrea sat in fear every night, wondering and thinking and trying to visualize life as it once was.

Frank, her husband, would annoy her with talks to get a hearing test. But Andrea was afraid her fears would be confirmed and she would need to wear an ill-fitted annoying hearing device like some of her friends.

Andrea was desperate. So was Frank. They sought support from a therapist and were relieved. Therapy they thought was only for those who had problems, much worse than their own. Because they sought help, they started communicating well and their irritation towards each other diminished. Compassion developed – it had always been there, but irritation had stuffed it down, away from view.

The intimacy of their lives was once again in full motion and their relationship included considerations for the hearing loss. Such changes to relating came easier with time. Andrea was the same person she always was, and this hearing loss simply made things different. It actually added a layer of character, which was an unexpected surprise, and was less of a hassle and more of a curiosity.”

Feel like this couldn’t be you or you couldn’t have this relationship? You’ll never know if you don’t give me a call!

Paul was certain his tinnitus would wreck his life, but then he learned some coping skills that he never knew existed. Through practice, being able to talk to someone who understood, and time, Paul was finally free from the grasp that tinnitus had on him!

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