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Partial Hearing Loss and Therapy

Therapy for Hard-of-Hearing Individuals and Family Members

Being a hard-of-hearing person, I can relate to your struggles:

  • You’re tired of others asking you about your hearing loss.
  • You’re exhausted at the end of the day – fatigue from the extra strain takes its toll.
  • You want to attend events but feel self-conscious if you’ll understand the speaker.
  • You want to be viewed as a hard worker, but you fear what your boss thinks.
  • Phones are difficult to use and it’s annoying to answer phone calls.
  • You find yourself increasingly isolated from your friends and spouse.

Being a parent or family member can be stressful:

  • You want to help your child or family member live a fulfilling life.
  • You worry about how they will succeed in the world with a hearing loss.
  • Decisions you need to make are overwhelming as they influence your child’s long-term potential.
  • You’re tired of other people dictating how you should take care of your child.

Are you a partner or spouse of someone with hearing loss?

  • You’re isolated and not able to communicate with your significant other.
  • You feel frustrated or sad.
  • You want your life back to normal.
  • You wish you were allowed to have feelings of loneliness.

Increase Your Confidence and Quality of Life
Improve Your Relationships with your Spouse and Family!
Find Balance Within Yourself and in Relation to Others
Find freedom from these challenges and navigate obstacles with more ease.

You are normal, and I can help you to break this cycle of strain and stress.

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