Health Challenges

Health or Medical Conditions Leading Your Life? Let’s Let You Lead Your Life Again!

You’re feeling anxious and upset that you have to deal with chronic conditions that are unrelenting. They cause you pain and discomfort and embarrassment. You can’t seem to escape their grasp.

You want relied but everything you’ve tried hasn’t led to much. You need some sort of relief.

Your relationships are ruined as you struggle to balance relationships with your conditions.

Therapy can help you with chronic health conditions such as chronic pain, movement disorders, and other chronic health issues to navigate life in a new way.

I know what it’s like because I’ve had chronic health conditions for life. I can tell you that there is hope and therapy can help you by reclaiming your life from the medical issues.

Yes, the struggle and intensity are overwhelming. It’s annoying to live this way. Targeted and specific therapies have been shown to alleviate many chronic conditions for a better quality of life and enhanced ability to cope.

Meet Paul:

Paul has had nerve pain for twenty years. He went through surgery after surgery with doctors at first hopeful but then uncertain about the success of these operations. Paul was exhausted from doctor’s appointments, going to the hospital, having to find someone to take him there, and dealing with his condition was frustrating. He couldn’t move like he used to and Paul wanted to enjoy his life again. There were few therapists who could relate to Paul as most said the standard reflection of how tough it must be, but without curiosity. Paul finally came in for therapy and was amazed at the relational style of therapy. He was nervous as he was encouraged to try new things out that he was never asked to try out before, but it all managed to make the condition more tolerable even though the pain still existed. Paul felt comfortable sharing how experiences had led him down a path of despair that he didn’t know how to escape. Through therapy he found his inner-resilience with a newfound set of tools to help him access his own strengths. He had resources he could turn to to remind him he was the leader of his life and not his pain.

You are not your chronic condition. You are unique and in charge of your life.

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