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Where is Your Office Located?

I offer both in person and encrypted video sessions.

My office is located at:

11400 W Olympic Blvd.
Suite 660,
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Entrance on Purdue Avenue.
Metered Parking as well as Parking Structure on Purdue Avenue.

Are you available on weekends?

Yes!  I am happily able to have Saturday hours available for therapy clients.  Virtually through video, I’m able to meet Sundays.  Please let me know your schedule and we will work it out! 

How does therapy work?

My way of doing therapy is designed to alleviate your troubles and does so in a collaborative and safe setting where you are able to share and ask me questions, knowing confidentiality is upheld in the highest regard.  Your goals and my approach to helping you will be based on your goals and the organic process in the room.  I work collaboratively and empathically to understand your strengths and concerns. Sharing this information with me is a process so you can feel relief in a safe setting. I will check in with you as part of my responsibility to respect what you want out of therapy.  Sessions are tailored to you, meaning I see and respect you for who you are.  True compassion and caring in a safe and confidential space are among my top priorities!

How long does therapy take?

The time frame of therapy varies for each person.  In my approach, I seek to help you find deeper meaning beyond the issues you bring in so that you can attain deeper insight on a variety of issues.
I work with you for as long as the therapy is beneficial. What you need is going to be different than what another person desires. During our sessions, I will continue to ask you how you feel about our work together and at any time you can bring up questions and curiosities. You are the expert of your own life. I will never tell you to be in therapy longer than you desire. 

How long is each session?

Typically, sessions are 50-minutes long and occur once a week.  If you wish to have longer sessions, this can be discussed either at the start of seeing each other or in the process of our work together.  I have learned that sticking to a consistent time frame is important for the therapeutic alliance, but that sometimes a longer session, or more frequent sessions can be helpful. Therapy is designed to be flexible just like the human experience and develop boundaries for a healthier self and satisfaction in relationships.

How do I set up an initial appointment?

Give me a call at 323-819-0747 or email me at patrick@patricktullytherapy.com. I offer a free 15 minute phone consultation or you can email me before scheduling your first appointment. Whichever is more convenient for you!

What is your cancellation policy?

I have a 24-hour cancellation policy. This means, if you cancel 24 hours before your next scheduled appointment you will not be charged for it.

Will you go into psychological babble that I can’t understand?

While I was in school for a long period of time where I was exposed to psychological terms, I have spent enormous time in my training to humanize theories so I would understand what I was saying, not only you! Reigning theory in is an essential component of good therapy as it allows us both to see us as two human beings working to help you. While you may get a phrase from Freud or a phrase from a movie I’ve seen, it should make sense. You’re always free to ask questions and I’m a great reader of body language.

Will I be asked to do homework?

I may have suggestions for stuff to do, but I don’t like to mandate anything. It’s your decision if you want to do an activity… but not every activity that makes sense to me will make sense to you. So if I suggest something, look it over and see if it helps. 

Do you work with certain ages?

I work with mostly all ages, teenagers all the way to elders.

What does therapy look like?

Therapy is an adventure where you’ll be sharing your lived experience and together we’ll link that with patterns that you have. Therapy is real life, and therefore the relationship between you and me is real. When walking in, you’ll be met with a gentle demeanor that is curious about your day and wondering about how you’re feeling or what you’re thinking about.

What modalities do you use in therapy?

I am integrative and eclectic in my approaches, meaning I do not utilize just one. I use CBT – application of work to current problems, psychodynamic – an exploration of your past to connect to the present, narrative – where you choose your voice, DBT, somatic, and other therapies. We create a unique experience where we are able to collaborate throughout the entire process in order to figure out what elements work best for you. So, it truly is about seeing you first and following instinct when working with you as to what is actually “done.” 

Do you charge extra if I use too many tissues?

No.  All my tissues are free of charge and if you need to use all of them, you don’t need to worry about receiving any additional bill. The session is about what you need and sometimes we need a lot of tissues!

Do you just sit there and not say anything?

While I may take the time to listen or appreciate silence, I’ll be active in the process. You’ll most likely be getting some sort of response from me as I feel a therapist should respond to their clients. If I’m not saying something, I may be taking a moment to encourage you to appreciate how silence can lead to answers.  Yes, silence is difficult, even for me sometimes, but be rest assured, we will be communicating as two human beings.

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Common Doubts about Therapy

I am here, and I am ready to help. I know that the decision to seek help can be a very difficult one.  I have listed common concerns about therapy to address myths and questions often as a result from what society wrongly tells us therapy is.  Unfortunately, society stigmatizes therapy as being a sign that one is struggling from diagnosable conditions.  You do not need to be suffering from a certain pathology to want clarity in your life.  I serve as a neutral third party to help guide you to discover the answers that are best for you.

“I’m afraid you won’t respond to me and will just sit there without helping me.”

People think of a therapist as someone who just asks how they feel and doesn’t share feedback.  Some therapists follow that style, but I give feedback and my interpretation of what you are saying to ensure I have understood you correctly. I am compassionate and transparent with you.  There’s a myth that therapists have all the answers.  No, we don’t, but we can help guide you to find the right solutions.  We offer a compassionate ear for your benefit. Some stigmas are a result of some therapists who haven’t acted ethically and have created environments where clients are ashamed and degraded.  I do not operate that way.  Clients don’t always get better from therapy, but my job is to ensure if there’s not a benefit, to refer you either to a resource that would be a better alternative or to a therapist that would be a better fit.

“I’m afraid you will discover something is terribly wrong with me.  I don’t want you to think I’m defective.”

As a therapist, I can guarantee you that every one of us has had a fear of being a bad person or defective in some way.  The fact that you’re worried is actually a sign that you’re ready to try therapy.  I don’t believe that anyone is truly defective.  It’s a common distortion promoted by our society.  If you’re not worried about being defective, it’s likely you’re concerned about another area, and are seeking help for that.  You’ve found exactly what you need by coming here and reading this.

“I’m worried I won’t like therapy, and I’ll be pressured to keep going.”

Therapists need to be aware of when a client is not benefiting.  There must be a willingness on the part of the therapist to ask questions.  I inquire about how you are feeling so any fear of being stuck is alleviated.  The process is courageous and the therapy space is at times a microcosm of the real world.  So, I’m there to support you through times of difficulty and support you.  There will be times when it feels scary and not comfortable. We will process that together. You can share that with me and I’ll be supportive.  I don’t put pressure on people to keep coming.  I believe the client determines when they’re ready to end therapy.

“I’m afraid of being vulnerable and not feeling safe in the room.  Why should I come to you?”

I respect my clients and aim to provide a space of respect and collaboration on your process to enhanced self-awareness and resilience. We all often fear being vulnerable, especially when we have been told our whole lives to keep our personalities quiet or throw away our anxieties, as if they’re shameful. In reality, being able to be vulnerable is actually an incredible asset as it allows us to grow when we aren’t comfortable.  We can experience true freedom and liberation from the burdens of shame and disappointment. We often fear what others might think if they find out we are seeking help… they may view us as weak or incapable… but nothing is further from the truth.

“Therapy can get so expensive.  It really adds up.  I don’t know if I can afford it.”

Those that are able to demonstrate the courage to face their struggles head on, are the ones that are truly strong. Therapy is an investment as is anything else worthwhile in life.  Fees are discussed during the initial consultation.  I specialize in specific issues as I believe when you come in you need the best care.  The insight you will gain from a trained professional who targets your specific issues is worth paying for.  You need someone you trust and someone who understands what they are talking about.  You also want to be sure you choose someone who isn’t going to pretend they know how to be validating or affirmative of your life, when in reality they are merely tolerant and uneasy.  I promise to never ask you ignorant questions and instead approach my inquiries from a place of curiosity, as I naturally do in my life.  I am also an accessible therapist an one that respects your investment and sees it for the two-way exchange that it is.

“Maybe Now Isn’t the Right Time?”

If you’re struggling with the thought of thinking now may not be the right time, I can tell you from experience that there is NEVER a right time.  The best time is now as the longer you go without receiving guidance, the more confusing the path can be, and I want to be able to help you on your journey! You deserve for things to lighten now, not later.  You deserve to get to a better place personally and get the help you deserve.  You deserve to start your journey of self-discovery today to make it easier to deal with the daily stresses of life.

“But I’m Still Not Certain!”

Please don’t wait until tomorrow or next week.  Studies have shown that waiting even 1 day is enough to talk yourself out of getting the help that you truly deserve in order to live the life of true freedom that you have always wanted.  Call, text, or email me for a free consultation as to how I can help you.  I look forward to answering your questions!

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