EMDR Therapy

Suffer less and live more

Tired of limited techniques that don’t focus on deeper level processes?

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is here to specifically target trauma and anxieties as well as annoying health challenges such as tinnitus and chronic pain.

Bring your power back and be in charge of your life again.

Often thought to be only for trauma, EMDR can actually be applied to many conditions. The mechanism of how EMDR works leads to powerful results that empower you again.

By not only focusing on cognitive processes and including the deep feelings associated with the challenge, it accesses the nervous system in a more direct way in a desire to ease the burden of the challenge on a deeper level.

Years of living with a condition, such as a health challenge (tinnitus, chronic pain), anxiety, and others lead to a build-up in our system. EMDR is an incredible addition to your well-being.

While an excellent therapy for resolving trauma, EMDR also targets anxieties and stressors that end up a part of our physiological “fight, flight, or freeze” system.

Talk therapy is excellent, and somatic (body-based) EMDR makes for an incredible addition to help you resolve fears and anxieties and manage health challenges in healthier ways.

How does EMDR work?

You are first told to think of a safe place to help you re-associate the experience you’re working with to be more neutral rather than the current stuck, stale place it remains.

As we prepare to target a specific concern, I will use either my hands, offer you specialized units that provide vibrations, audio recordings, or any number of combinations of these to help guide you in reprocessing the negative feelings about the event in a way that’s safe and also works at a deeper level than most therapies.

You will always be in full control. It’s amazing what can happen during a session of EMDR!

At-home, bilateral recordings are available that utilize the same processes. So as you relax, you can think of your safe space again as you listen to the recordings. Your central nervous system calms down, and the calming peripheral nervous system comes in.

With time, practice, and repetition, many conditions such as tinnitus, chronic pain, and others become easier to manage.

While EMDR is not a cure, it demonstrates a remarkable ability to assist in vastly improving coping skills.

You can reprocess how anxious responses will affect you.

Literature has been extensive and continuous about the benefits of EMDR.

You’ll finally be able to have tools to allow you freedom from your trapped emotions, health challenges, and other challenges you always thought would be absolute!

Find out what might be possible… the consultation is free! Best of all, you can take steps to improve your life now.

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“I had heard of EMDR, but wasn’t sure what it involved. I had heard there was research to support coping with tinnitus, and I was skeptical since I had tried everything for my tinnitus. But along with talk therapy, EMDR has helped me cope with the tinnitus better than anything else I’ve tried.” ~Roger

“I have anxiety that interferes with my life. I use medication and have had therapy. I heard about EMDR for anxiety, but thought it was only for pure trauma. However, in using EMDR for anxious situations (I use audio recordings while at home and other interesting ways to implement this in my daily routine), I found my anxiety dissipating in interesting ways. I have reclaimed my life from anxiety.” ~Pam