Curiosity about a serene future…

Seems so out of reach right now with your mind filled with doubts. But help is here for you. Therapy can create serenity and calm. Chaos is a part of life, but so is peace, understanding and fairness.

Even though processing thoughts and emotions can feel arduous, the benefits are profound: a weight is lifted – finally. The weight of figuring out what to do, who you are, how to manage dreams and desires.

Answers are suddenly clearer. The journey feels more solid. The times of stress lead to times of accomplishment that you can enjoy.

Oppression is navigated, and you are better from the life you’ve lived.

Let’s figure out how to start that climb to freedom.

You deserve to be unstuck.

Joy* was feeling intense stress and wasn’t satisfied with her work. She absorbed the energy of others so easily and felt tired and fatigued. Motivation was nowhere to be found, and Joy reached out to her friend who had been in therapy.

Joy:* “Isn’t therapy for people who have severe conditions and diagnoses?”

Roy:* “No! Frequently that’s not the case. I put off therapy for too long because I was worried I would be labeled and treated as the label. But what I discovered is that it’s a wonderful space where confidentiality is held in the highest regard. Where else can you trust someone so much, even a total stranger? Sure, it took time to build the trust with my therapist. But he was patient and understood where I was. He listened and acted human.”

Joy: “Wow, I thought it’d be a chore with not much benefit. Sounds like the work is worth it.”

Roy: “Yeah, we tend to hear about therapists who are just phoning it in. We hear about the bad experiences, not the good. Think about it, people in pain share their pain most readily, so it does make sense. But maybe they’re not as vocal when they feel better.”

Joy:* “That’s true. I might as well call or email and ask about some logistics.”

Joy then decided a better and joyful life was in sight, so she started on the path of serenity and curiosity.

*NOT a real client.

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