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Woman looking outside windowYou’re frustrated from not being able to communicate!

You’re missing your family and holed up at home uncertain of how to proceed forward. Maybe you have attempted social activities or are active in some way, but you still have challenges due to having deafness or hearing loss. There are strategies to help with communication. Strategies such as determining how to ask for help or gain independence over devices with the help of your hearing care provider can be helpful. My journey of hearing loss has been filled with understanding each day how to build my own toolkit to help with hearing loss.

I understand that some hearing loss solutions are different depending on the individual. We can work together to find out what works to achieve your goals.

The road seems filled with roadblocks. But I can say that these obstacles can be overcome with help from someone, me, who is experienced in what is out there and can help you create goals and break them down so you can follow through.

I am a licensed therapist, but also am well-trained in coaching.

My coaching scope includes accountability, follow up with direct goals, and the space to be you. I’ve been where you are… uncertain of my goals. Therapy focuses on feelings and results while coaching emphasizes the structural components of how to get to where you want to go.

“Is this the way life will be?” you wonder. Am I stuck with this?

If you have a hearing loss, you’ve also had to deal with that and annoying fiddling with hearing devices that don’t always work like they should.

I’ll also be able to help you determine when to see your hearing care professional. My advice is not a substitute for audiologist advice and I will refer appropriately. It can be nice to have more time than what you might be able to get at an audiologist, to process your life goals and current circumstances.

You want fulfilling friendships, but you wonder how to meet more people.

the ringing and embarrassment of it all prevents you from enjoying being with people. You don’t even enjoy being with yourself, alone. It’s frightening.

You want to navigate being with friends? Let’s develop a plan. You want to navigate communication in your relationship? Let’s talk. Is the workplace challenging? Let’s explore the options.

I offer you suggestions and feedback (No, not the annoying ringing type: your audiologist can help you with that)!

Stressed woman sitting by lakeBeing overwhelmed by all the tools was overwhelming for Audrey*.

She was worried she wouldn’t be aware of the tools that existed for her partial hearing loss. Her audiologist had helped with the tuning of instruments and was wonderful. But she wanted more strategies. She wasn’t aware of what existed “out there.” So many apps to try and no clear goal or objective left her anxious.

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*Composite of many clients.

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Best of all, you can take steps to improve your life now.