Therapy for Anxiety and Stress in Los Angeles, Pasadena, and Beyond

Help for Anxiety and Stress at Patrick Tully Therapy – a Safe Space for LGBTQ Individuals in SoCal

Life is filled with amazing joys. But it’s also hard. It’s scary. It is beautiful and it is stressful. There is so much to process and balance, and even more so if you’re gay, lesbian, queer, or any other marginalized group.

It’s no wonder 73% of LGBTQ youth experience some form of anxiety, with rates 2.5x higher than cis, heterosexual adults.

I know how challenging this is. I struggled with it myself. As a gay therapist in Los Angeles, I have my own personal experience that helps me really see you and understand you. I want to welcome you to my practice, and use evidence based therapies and support that allow you to open up, be the real you, and start making progress on your anxieties. Call me today at (323) 819-0747 or fill out the form below and let’s get a conversation going.

The WHY Behind Your Anxiety

There’s a good reason that anxiety exists. It’s your mind and body’s way of keeping you safe. We do have dangers in this world, and the fact that our bodies have a way to respond that tells us when to be afraid and gives us tools we need to protect ourselves from danger, like a heart that is pumping faster so we can react quicker, or sweating so that we can stay cool if we run away.

But as dangerous as the world can be, especially for LGBTQ+ individuals, on a day to day basis we are usually safe. We wake up in the morning, work through the day, spend time with friends and partners, and then to go sleep – all without coming face to face with tigers, or having someone chase us down with a sword.

Yet so many of us struggle with not only the feelings of fear, but the symptoms as well.

We wake up and go through our day as though we are currently in danger.

This is anxiety. This is what we explore in therapy. Issues like:

  • General Anxiety
  • Panic Attacks and Panic Disorder
  • Post-Traumatic Stress (PTSD)
  • Social Anxiety, and More

By talking together and sharing stories, we help find out why you feel this anxious and how we can work through it together.

About Me

I am someone that wants you to be open and understood. Though I let people know that I’m a gay therapist so they know that I understand them, I also know that – like you – that is one of the many things that make me who I am, and not a single label that defines me.

I am licensed to provide therapy in California and Florida, and most of my clients are local here to the Los Angeles and Pasadena area. I am here to create an open, caring space to connect with you and know you so that we can put you in a place you can thrive.

Are you ready? Let’s talk. Please contact me today and let’s get started.