Therapy for Anxiety

Anxious person sitting with knees against his faceAnxiety leading your life rather than you?

You are feeling disempowered and uncertain as you are reading this. The struggles you feel getting out of bed and working every day lead you to feel less confident and assured. But what if you knew you had stumbled upon the right place?

Anxiety is insidious. It’s a messenger that sends the wrong message that whatever you do is incorrect. That CANNOT BE RIGHT. But yet, it keeps telling you that you’re wrong. But what if you could gain control over this seemingly uncontrollable sort of “voice” in your head. Yes, you can do it with the help of an informed LA therapist.

You are NOT alone

Anxiety impacts millions, and as this publication points out, you are far from alone.

Patrick Tully can help you, whether you are seeking a Los Angeles therapist, Pasadena therapist, Culver City therapist, or one in Texas or Florida.

Patrick is also LGBTQ+ Affirmative. You can be rest-assured you will be validated in your gender identity and sexual orientation, and Patrick knows the difference between them. Patrick works with the queer community. He also recognizes bisexuality has historically been ignored as has asexuality and the entire ace spectrum. Patrick takes all of this very seriously in this work. If you are cisgender and heterosexual, of course he can work with you. But it’s the centering of prominent identities such as cis gay and cis heterosexual that has taken away space from identities that deserve just as much space and cis males taking up more space from cis females too.

Patrick, a gay therapist in Los Angeles, wants people to know that his training and continued education and consultation never ends. He is a cis gay man with various other challenges, and continues to learn as he must to continue to be affirmative to all people he treats with anxiety.

Anxiety manifests from many sources, and not only from the workplace, but also from the societal expectations you have lived with for so long and tried to fit into or tried to change. Not one individual person is responsible for changing this, but it can feel like people expect those who are labeled as different to change things for their comfort.

Anxiety – So many ways it manifests

Anxiety can show up in so many ways. It shows up socially, when we want to be there for our friends, but we suddenly cannot be fully present because we are left out of breath and instead have to feel stuck. That stuckness is so frustrating as we just want to be free and joyful.

We can have a phobia about a specific thing or animal or anything, and the anxiety can be limited to that. Exposure therapy can help with that. But while we deal with it, it feels very disempowering. We can have separation anxiety too. These different forms can feel embarrassing even though we definitely should not feel ashamed by them.

We also can deal with a generalized anxiety that shows up wherever we are. It means that it appears no matter the situation. With any form of anxiety, we are led down this path of shallow-breathing and definitely not one where we are grounded. In fact, we do not even notice how ungrounded we are. But we should not feel ashamed of it, but we are. That’s where Patrick can also help. Patrick can help us with the anxiety and the shame as we alleviate this anxiety. The two become intertwined as we deal with them through time.

Anxiety is very annoying and is simply a result of the “fight-flight” response of our nervous system being over-activated and often at times that we do not want it to be. Anxiety never seems to arise when we want it to be. Whenever it does come, there is discomfort. The process of helping you stabilize anxiety is to give you both tools and process your experiences, so you can feel more confident. Oftentimes, anxiety is also a result of past experiences as well. We can examine patterns of the past in therapy too.

You deserve relief

Anxiety can be all encompassing and draining. You don’t need to have any more suffering from the rabbit-holes and spiraling anxious thoughts.

Patrick Tully can help you find tools or process your experiences to help you with your anxiety.

To reach out to Patrick to ask questions about therapy, or book an appointment with Patrick, you can do so by email at: or by using the form below.