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A little bit about me…

I am a gay cis male therapist who is hard-of-hearing but will still hear everything you say due to my cochlear implant.  I am originally from Seattle, Washington and came to California because of the sun :-).

Due to my personal struggle with being gay and having a partial hearing loss, I wanted to help others who were also struggling to find compassion and support.  You’re likely tired of people judging you and telling you what to do.  I want to help lessen your burden and empower you in your choices.  Feeling marginalized is awful, and I want to help you feel better.

While I am young, I have lived through multiple life challenges (as have many of us), and that’s what led me to this profession. I actually did start out as an actor and then realize my passion was best served helping people through therapy.

Your thoughts, feelings, and challenges you face deserve to be validated.  I believe in helping you navigate your journey so you feel less stressed.

I target your unique needs and the therapy so you can feel better and have a deeper understanding of yourself and your relationship to others. I’m not going to judge you as we are judged enough in our society.

You owe it to yourself to invest in becoming the person you want to be.  It can be hard to envision happiness when it seems so far out of reach with a busy life.  But the journey will be an empowering one.

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My Experience as a Gay Cis Male

Being gay felt so strange as I was surrounded by straight people who were tolerant but not necessarily validating of my life experience. I target the needs of individual clients and form treatment plans with clients in mind rather than rigid interventions.  I became determined to make my therapy room collaborative and welcoming to everyone who entered it.  Today, I have that therapy room and I invite you in to share your story and your hopes.  I want to help you be the person you want to be.

I had the benefit of many affirming and validating therapists during my own process who accepted and affirmed my identity. These therapists saw me for who I was: hearing loss, being gay, and all were parts of who I was but not my entire self!  I graduated from Antioch University Los Angeles with a Masters in Clinical Psychology and was more determined than ever to reach people like you who need support and someone to talk to safely.


I have had the privilege to publish works in peer-reviewed academic journals over the years, which include The International Journal of Narrative Therapy and Community WorkI write because I want to reach all of you and let you all know that the journey is fulfilling.

I understand the importance of providing a judgment-free zone where you can feel affirmed and not shamed.Growing up with a partial hearing loss, I had few role models I could relate to.  I also felt different being a gay male and having a creative, non-linear way of thinking.

Personal Experience with Partial Hearing Loss

Being hard-of-hearing, I felt lost and confused.  As a student in an acting conservatory and then an actor, I was instantly connected to others who thought the way I did as my peers also saw the world in a non-linear, non-binary way.  I had grown up in a society that only embraced binaries and considered any non-binary construct as strange.

My Own Parents Navigated the Difficult Journey

Are you being told what to do by medical professionals who assume they know the best options?  Are you being told what to do by your peers as to how to treat your child?  Are you confused as to whether your child should get hearing aids or cochlear implants?  Are you uncertain as to how to navigate this hard journey where information from professionals can be overwhelming and not sit well with you?

As a child growing up with partial hearing loss, my parents were often told what to expect from medical professionals.  I was told I would never speak orally.  Today, I do speak orally as my hearing loss fell into that range.  I don’t sign because I grew up in a hearing society.  Not all the advice felt right and my parents had to follow their intuition and hope that they were making the right decision. While I can’t tell you the right decision, I can help guide you in a direction that feels right.

I wish there was non-judgmental support back then for people who had to make hard decisions like my parents.

Before attending Antioch University Los Angeles, I graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts – Los Angeles with an Associate’s Degree in Acting.  After producing, writing, and starring in web projects, I joined SAG and lived the life of an actor.

I had a passion within me to help others.  That’s when I attended Antioch University Los Angeles for my BA and then MA in Clinical Psychology, where I started developing competence working with the LGBTQ community and gained knowledge about various modalities.  I learned that being a guide to help process people in their journeys was what made a therapist do their best work.  I completed work at a community mental health clinic and learned the value of hands-on experience.  I focused on validating the lived experience of my clients, as I saw suffering and this deepened my desire to help others.  I’ve been in therapy myself and know the value of the therapeutic process with a strong alliance.

Research shows that it’s the alliance not the method of therapy that determines the best results.  Thus, I utilize multiple modalities in my work and collaborate with clients.

I have worked with clients of all ages and with different identities, many of whom had intersecting identities that led to marginalization.  As a hard-of-hearing oral speaking gay therapist, I have experienced microaggressions and know not to toss them aside.  You’re not weak for feeling hurt or misunderstood.


Through my own therapeutic work, the support of people I knew, as well as life experience, I learned to embrace my individuality and learned that there was no true “normal.”

You, just like everyone else, are unique and special in your own way.  And we all have more in common with each other than we think.  But our society demands we follow certain script-like socially constructed norms.  Thus, the work began where I had to define what I viewed as acceptable for myself, not society.

I work to help you free yourself from the dominant messages that may or may not apply to you.  You’re the expert of your own life, and I’m a guide.

I enjoy being a supportive guide for my clients who are LGBTQ, or have partial hearing loss, or are confused about their creative minds, as well as those who desire a healthier image of themselves and improved intimacy and understanding about overall well-being.

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  • MA in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University Los Angeles
  • Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #105566
  • Supervised by Gina Found, LMFT #53171


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