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I am a cis gay man with a cochlear implant to hear everything you say!

I’ll hear everything you say with my cochlear implant! In fact, I listen more closely as a result of my years of practice listening before the implant. If you have a hearing loss, you’ll understand what I mean. I serve the LGBTQ community as well, being a gay cis male.

LGBT Affirmative Therapy
For Individuals and Couples and Other Relationships

Uncertain of where you fit on the LGBTQ spectrum?
Are you struggling with coming out and when?
Are you feeling anxious, sad, and stressed?
Feeling misunderstood by your partners?
Seeking freedom from suffering and worry?
Desire more intimacy with your partners?

As a cis gay man I can relate!

Photo of Man Looking into the DistanceLGBT Couples Therapy

Hard-of-Hearing Individuals and Families
Struggling with Hearing Loss or a Family Member of Someone Who Has One?

Struggling to Fit In?
Anxious, Nervous, Self-Conscious?
Not Sure the Decisions You’re Making are the Right Ones?
Are you isolated from your spouse, whether you have the hearing loss or your partner does?
Are you lonely and unable to communicate with each other?
As a hard-of-hearing person I can relate.
My parents also had to navigate the maze.

Parent with ChildHusband and Wife Walking Together

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As a Registered Associate MFT Psychotherapist (#105566), I will help you find relief from stress, irritation, betrayal, and isolation!

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