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Therapy for You: Individuals and Couples

Experience Freedom from Your Pain

You feel like an “outsider” not like anyone else. Your chest hurts as you worry about your future. The choices seem unclear and navigating the terrain is scary. You reach out for help from others but it’s not enough. You feel as if you should do better. I’m here to tell you that you’re doing your best, but by reaching out you’ll gain clarity and a clear path to follow – resilience will come from within.

Tired of sleepless nights? Battling with fatigue and anxiety? Feeling emotional when the smallest things happen?

You can work through this. I offer a compassionate, confidential, and safe space. I work with all ages. When you call for your free consultation, I’ll ask you if you have any questions, clarify the therapy experience, as well as share other information that will be helpful in determining our fit! I will help guide you.

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In addition to general therapy and counseling to help alleviate your anxiety, sadness, and explore your wonder about the future, I offer the following specialties:

LGBT Affirmative Therapy
For Individuals, Couples, and Relationships

Uncertain of where you fit on the LGBTQ spectrum?
Are you struggling with coming out and when?
Are you feeling anxious, sad, and stressed?
Is your relationship feeling like a sinking ship?
Feeling misunderstood by your partners?
Seeking freedom from suffering and worry?
Desire more intimacy with your partners?

As a gay man I can relate!

Photo of Man Looking into the DistanceLGBT Couples Therapy

Therapy for Creatives
Creative Professional in a Rut? Worried?

Wondering about your calling or concerned you won’t fulfill your dreams?
Perhaps you’re worried the world can’t handle your creative visions?
You can have it all… Your mind is special and deserves to be celebrated!

Desk for CreativesCreative Sunlight

Therapy for Partial Hearing Loss and Tinnitus
Struggling with Being Hearing Loss or a Family Member of Someone Who Has One? Struggling with Tinnitus?

Struggling to Fit In?
Not wanting to be told to join the Deaf Community?
Anxious, Nervous, Self-Conscious?
Not Sure the Decisions You’re Making are the Right Ones?
Are you isolated from your spouse, whether you have the hearing loss or your partner does?
Are you lonely and unable to communicate with each other?

Parent with ChildHusband and Wife Walking Together

Therapy for Health Challenges
Tired of chronic pain or another medical condition?

Frustrated with a medical condition that prevents you from living the life you want?
You’re likely feeling sad and anxious about your challenge, whether it be chronic pain, tinnitus, or another issue. Therapy has been shown to help with coping skills and I have targeted, specific therapies that can help you live a better life!

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