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Feeling like an “Other?”

Feel empowered instead.

We are all messy, and the messier the better.

Anxiety, loneliness, and fear ruling your life? Is your thinking based on “scripts” and not on your wants? Freedom is here.

Your body tenses with worry and anxiety as you think about what to do. The familiar feeling of dread comes upon you as you try to force it away.

But you can’t.

Jeremy* was living for everyone else.

He had the relationship others wanted for him.

He hated his job, but his family liked it.

He had thought this life was what he wanted, but it always felt off to him.

Jeremy’s anxiety, pain, and loneliness became too much, and he called me for help.

After several sessions of defining what his goals were, Jeremy has been happy living the life he dreamed of for himself and has the relationship he wants. He also can tap into his internal resilience whenever he feels uncertain.

Is your relationship like a sinking ship?

Today is the day you decide to act, so you don’t settle. Come in alone or come in with your partner. Polyamorous, open? I accept everyone.

Has a partner cheated? Come in, and you’ll hear compassion as well as strategies to work through the tough feelings.

Get unstuck with therapy that’s transparent and accepting.

You and I will connect with shared understanding of your experience that is a life-long journey, but satisfaction is immediate.

At last you’ll be validated! Unlike what society has told you, you are unique!

Working with me leads to answers with a process designed with you in mind. Our journey will develop your inner resilience and lead to self-discoveries that while painful will lead to a life of great satisfaction.

Tired of others saying “what”? Hard-of-hearing and frustrated?

Are you annoyed that people don’t try to engage with you? How do you want your life to be? Are you exhausted by the end of the day?

Perhaps you’re a family member of someone with a hearing loss… and worry about bullying, choices that impact their futures, and are lost in the noise of what others think you should do.

You can find clarity to your concerns. You will feel empowered again.

*Composite of many clients.

Come in – all are welcome

Patrick D. Tully

I’ve dealt with multiple challenges in my life. I will connect with you to process your emotions as you experience them. You do not need to be censored anymore.

There are strategies and processes that lead to a deeper self-awareness and appreciation for yourself. Regular therapy leads to the results and clarity you seek. You will experience discomfort – but also great joy.

Therapy designed for the modern age is finally here. Compassionate, transparent, affirming therapy that is exciting and real – that’s what you’ll get.

I’ve been featured in HuffPost, CNBC, and other media outlets with my advice. Therapy does help.

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Life is worth the effort.

Come in and let’s work together toward your new life.

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